Zoe Ward


Zoe Ward is a Shopping News writer at The Zoe Report, where she creates content related to all things shopping, from new product launches to the latest trends to stock your closet, home, or beauty counter. She never misses a new skin care product or shoe style when it hits shelves, however she also covers industry news such as the latest innovations in eco-friendly design. Zoe is currently based in Los Angeles, California, which helps her keep tabs on the booming West Coast brands that are constantly challenging the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries. She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism and minor in consumer behaviors from University of Southern California. If Zoe isn't re-organizing her skin care shelf, you can find her cuddled on the couch watching reality TV with her cat, Winona, or trying a new restaurant in Los Angeles. You can follow Zoe on Twitter at @wuddupward and Instagram at @zoeward, and learn more about her and her work at http://zoe101.com.