Bathing Culture's New Drop Is For Face *And* Body — Here's Everything You Should Know

Bathing Culture/Instagram
Bathing Culture's new Outer Being Face & Body Oil is the latest addition to the body care line.

At the end of the day, dry skin is dry skin. It should be treated as such with lots of care — and consistent application of a really good hydrator. So if you could have one do-it-all formula that's ideal for use from head to toe, why spend time and money searching for different formulas to use on your face, body, and so on? Lucky for you, now you can look no further than Bathing Culture's new Outer Being Face & Body Oil to save time, funds, and space on your shelf (and to do your part in saving the planet, too).

Savvy skin care shoppers are probably already familiar with Bathing Culture, a body care brand founded in San Francisco by friends who wanted non-toxic options that were tough on grime but easy on bodies and Mother Earth.

Its line, which includes a body wash, bath salts, a refreshing allover mist, and now a lightweight but effectively-hydrating face and body oil, is completely free of toxins, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. Instead of icky additives each product features ingredients from plants and minerals, and it's all packaged in rainbow-adorned 100 percent recycled materials (glass, aluminum, or pre-existing plastic).

But back to Bathing Culture's newest baby. The Outer Being Face & Body Oil is now available on the brand's site in a glass pump bottle, $72, and a travel-ready 2 oz. glass bottle, $28, with either a dropper or screw top — for the TSA-friendly size, the brand recommends buying the dropper packaging first then purchasing refills with the screw top to reuse the plastic dropper applicator.

The oil is a lightweight blend of well-known plant-derived hydrators including jojoba, sea buckthorn, marula, sweet almond, abyssinian, and coconut MCT oil, which work together to moisturize and reinforce your skin's natural barrier. Antioxidant-rich raspberry seed oil helps balance and strengthen the skin against free radical damage, and squalane is a strong emollient to lock moisture in. Essential oils give a subtly woodsy, calming scent.

Bathing Culture's founders initially developed its oil for face (hence its ultralight texture and anti-inflammatory ingredients), but fell in love with the feel of it everywhere. It's suitable for everyday use after showering or cleansing and toning skin.

Shop Bathing Culture's new multitasking launch below (or head to the brand's site to scoop up all the sustainable skin care picks). Your skin — all of it — will thank you.