Eighteen B's Newest Launch Wants To Convince You That Eye Cream Is *Actually* Crucial

Eighteen B
Eighteen B's new Defend + Nourish Eye Cream makes an argument for eye creams thanks to it's lightwei...

Eye cream has a rather contentious reputation. Some swear by it for effectively tackling puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, while others say it serves no purpose that your go-to moisturizer can't manage on its own. So, it's not surprising that it's not necessarily considered a crucial step in every skincare routine — but one brand wants to change that once and for all. Enter Eighteen B's new Defend + Nourish Eye Cream, an innovative, scientifically-designed skincare product that seeks to set the record straight on eye cream.

Unfamiliar with eye creams in general? A holy grail formula should be much richer than a standard all-over moisturizer, but it should absorb quickly and deeply for optimal results (i.e. smoother, brighter skin and less-apparent wrinkles, lines, and dark circles). You don't want it to sit on top of skin where it can potentially irritate the sensitive area of your face; plus it'll be a whole lot easier to layer additional products or makeup if it melts into skin to properly prep the area.

So, Eighteen B had its work cut out for itself when the brand decided to create an eye cream that could nail the delicate balance. And the result sounds pretty close to perfect.

Defend + Nourish Eye Cream, $85 per jar and now available on the brand's website, features B-silk Protein — a proprietary polypeptide (aka a long chain of amino acids that effectively strengthens and plumps skin) that Eighteen B created to help support a healthy, natural skin barrier. When you consider the fact that the skin around your eyes is significantly thinner than elsewhere and contains less oil and lipid-producing glands to naturally protect itself, something like B-silk Protein sounds particularly good, right?

But that's not all the new eye cream includes. It multitasks by also providing rich moisture with jojoba oil and squalane, both of which are emollient and humectant but absorb lightning-fast (so that delicate skin can still breathe). Eighteen B added jasmine flower extract to boost circulation and reduce dark circles, and superfood extracts from watermelon, lentils, and apple for maximum plumping and diminished lines. The result of continued use is smoother, brighter, rejuvenated eyes.

It's important to note that the eye cream is also made without fragrance, parabens, silicones, petrolatum, and mineral oil, so it's a safe and smart choice for sensitive skin (and just about everyone's skin is more prone to sensitivity in the eye area). Use it morning and night by gently tapping it into skin under and around your eyes with your ring finger to avoid tugging, before slathering on your go-to moisturizer. Bonus: The rich texture will lay a smooth, locked-in-place foundation for under-eye concealer, should you use it.

Convinced to give eye cream a try? Shop Eighteen B's new drop, below.