These Candles Are Perfect For Valentine's Day — & No, They Don't Smell Like Roses

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These Valentine's Day candles aren't your basic rose-scented aromas.
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Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching — do you have a candle on deck to set the mood? Whether you've got a night in with your girlfriends on the calendar or you and your partner are planning to cozy up with some dessert and wine after a candlelit dinner, a romantic aroma is an essential part of the equation. But there's more than one way to achieve the aesthetic than with a candle that smells like a bouquet of roses. In fact, there's a whole slew of Valentine's Day candles that capture the mood with unexpected notes that you (and your valentine) will fall madly in love with. No shade to the rose, but these scents are way more unique.

The sense of smell is so powerful that catching a whiff of certain scents can evoke emotions you'd never expect. A cleverly concocted candle can transport you to another time and place entirely, or help you focus on the present with grounding notes that give deeper meaning to a moment. The latter may explain why aromas and romance go hand in hand; the fleeting, heart-beating feelings of love are further amplified when a fragrance can anchor two people in passion.

But love is complex — so it deserves a scent to match, and a basic, single-note rose fragrance simply won't do. Instead, look for luxe takes on romantic aromas that combine alternative florals and unexpected notes that bring a little spice, a dash of brightness, and a lot of warmth.

Homesick's LOVE Candle, $29.95, is an obvious pick. It's got a scent that one reviewer described as "pink lemonade" thanks to bright notes of lemon and cassis right off the bat, which give way to floral mid notes and an earthy finish of sandalwood and jasmine. Brooklyn Candle Studio's Love Potion, $24, takes a dreamier approach with calming lavender and jasmine combined with zesty mandarin.

The new purple collection from cult-loved candle brand Overose includes EUPHORIASME, $58, which combines the scent of fresh baked croissants with spring blossoms to drop you directly into a Parisian morning (doesn't get more romantic than that, right?). And Boy Smells brought back its bestselling Dynasty candle, $36, for Valentine's Day, so you can snag its intoxicating mixture of spring florals like tulips and cyclamen plus spicy pink peppercorn. Plus, the pastel blue packaging is a much appreciated departure from pinks and reds.

Please even the pickiest candle lovers with more unique takes on Valentine's Day scents from fan-fave brands, below.

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