This New Face Wash Transforms Into 3 Different Textures (& Makes For Very Clean Skin)

REN Clean Skincare/Instagram
REN Clean Skincare's new Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser has three phases to remove every trace of makeup.

You want your makeup to work hard for you throughout the day, staying in place without smudging, slipping, melting, or creasing. But when it comes time to remove it, you need a cleanser that works even harder — because there's nothing worse than going to bed with leftover mascara underneath your eyes or the remains of concealer clogging your pores. That's where REN Clean Skincare's new Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser hopes to change the game, with an innovative formula that transforms into multiple textures for an extremely effective cleanse (that comforts your complexion, too).

The crowded skincare space has created the belief that your shelf requires multiple products to completely and truly cleanse your face. You've got your makeup removers, micellar waters, and cleansing oils, and your foaming washes, lathering creams, and milky emulsions, and you'll need at least two of them to get the job done.

That is, unless you opt for a multitasking wonder like REN Clean Skincare's latest creation, which combines the best of multiple cleansing textures and formulas in one. And, it's got a 100 percent naturally-derived vegan ingredient list plus sustainable, recycled plastic packaging, so this one's about as "clean" as a cleanser can get.

The Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser, $32 and now up for grabs at Sephora, is all about trios. It's a tri-phase formula that cleanses skin three ways in one step with the help of three rich plant oils (namely sunflower seed, meadowfoam seed, and grape seed oils). The result is a face wash can can remove every last bit of makeup and even stubborn products like SPF, without stripping skin or leaving it dry and tight.

Curious how the transformation actually works? It's practically effortless. Start with a dry face and squeeze a small amount of the gel-texture cleanser from the tube. Massage it onto skin to create a silky oil that'll begin melting your makeup, then add warm water to emulsify the cleanser. It'll turn into a creamy milk that'll effortlessly rinse off your face, taking every trace of impurities with it.

All that's left behind is a soft, clean complexion, thanks to the trio of conditioning oils that replenish hydration and protect your natural skin barrier — plus, this product will help you streamline your bathroom shelf and stop using environmentally-questionable products like single-use cotton balls to remove your makeup, so it's an all-around win.

Distill your cleansing routine into a single step by snagging REN's latest hardworking face wash, below.