Lights Lacquer Dropped The Perfect Red Nail Polish Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Lights Lacquer
Lights Lacquer's new Serendipity nail polish is the perfect red for Valentine's Day.

A veer from tradition is all well and good (and certainly welcome when you find yourself in a beauty rut), but there's always room for the classics. So if you find yourself fancying a bold red manicure in anticipation of Valentine's Day, don't feel like you've got to forgo it in favor of something more trendy. Instead, indulge in the passionate shade with Lights Lacquer's new Serendipity nail polish — which just so happened to arrive in time for the holiday of love.

The nail polish brand by beauty YouTuber KathleenLights (aka Kathleen Fuentes) initially launched in Nov. 2019, with a six-shade drop all about girl power. It has since added a collection called Polished Gems, which delivered six more trend-driven jewel-toned hues (think ruby red, emerald green, and a gorgeous amethyst). Now, the brand is treading on decidedly more traditional ground, by releasing a classic red in its seven-free, ultra-pigmented formula.

It's about time, too — because can you really call a nail polish collection complete without a bold crimson shade? And lucky for all you lovers out there, the new lacquer landed on Jan. 30 so you've got plenty of time to grab it ahead of Valentine's Day.

The brand-new drop from the brand, playfully called Serendipity, is a bright red with a subtly pink undertone to give nails a classic, feminine vibe. On its own, it's priced at $9.50 like the rest of the line — but it's also available in Lacquer Light's Chick-Flick N Chill Bundle, $32, packaged alongside other flirty, romantic shades from the Polished Gems collection. Grab a few solo bottles for your besties, and the bundle for yourself as a special V-day treat. You've gotta have a great manicure for the holiday anyway, right?

As with all of the brand's polishes, this new shade features Lights Lacquer's oval-shaped stem and a rounded, flat edge brush to make it easier to nail your at-home manicure. The brush is optimally sized for just about any nail bed size, so you can effortlessly and quickly apply as little as one coat (though the brand recommends two thin coats for the most even coverage).

Big Valentine's Day plans or not, the holiday's still a great excuse to grab this bold red shade. Shop it from Lights Lacquer's site, below.