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Marina Liao is the Senior Fashion Editor, News, at The Zoe Report where she oversees all of the celebrity style and fashion news coverage. Her focus also includes producing fashion shopping stories and she curates TZR's product lookbook. Before TZR, Marina was the digital fashion editor at Marie Claire, where she covered news, features, and e-commerce. There, she launched the successful series What I Wear To Work and also boosted e-commerce revenue for the brand through thoughtful and compelling SEO shopping stories. Her bylines have also appeared in POPSUGAR, too, where she wrote across many verticals such as beauty, fitness, fashion, and moms. You can follow Marina on Instagram @marinaa2214 or contact her at Outside of work, Marina likes to spend her time volunteering at Animal Haven, discovering new K-dramas to watch, and escaping NYC when possible. Her favorite getaway destination is anywhere by the ocean.

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