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Ashley Tibbits

Ashley Tibbits is a Los Angeles-based writer who began her career as an art critic after receiving her Bachelor's Degree in Art History from Bradley University. Since that time, she's expanded to cover a wide range of other topics including fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. In addition to her work at TZR, she's contributed to a number of worldwide publications including Racked, Repeller, TimeOut, MyDomaine, and Bust. She also founded her own LA-focused outlet, Clever, that shares the stories of inspirational emerging makers and other creatives, plus shopping suggestions, DIY tips, and more. When she's not writing for work, Ashley is also passionate about creative writing, and hopes to publish a book of short stories in the near future. The rest of her free time is mostly spent reading (and collecting) books, hanging out with her cats, and catching up on great movies and terrible TV shows.


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