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When It’s Too Hot To Think, Lean On These Easy August Outfits

As effortless as possible.

loulou de saison easy august outfits

It’s officially late summer. It’s the time of the season when those new sandals you bought in late May are starting to display some wear and tear. And at this point, you’ve likely already tried most of — if not all of — the summer 2022 trends on your watchlist (Coastal Grandmother? #NightLuxe? A ‘something-core’ craze that caught your eye? Check, check, check). As a result, your fashion fuel tank is likely approaching empty, leaving you bereft of any style inspiration for August. Easy outfit ideas — as in uncomplicated, no-thoughts, head-empty looks you can throw together and not think twice about — are your solution.

Everyone has their own definition of what an “easy” outfit would be. Those in the minimal fashion camp might say denim cut-offs and a tank constitute as simple perfection. Maximalists, on the other hand, might find a pink puff-sleeve dress and matching strappy sandals to be relatively reined-in. Ultimately, it all boils down to personal perspective and taste. Thus, the key takeaway for styling low-key, no-fuss looks this August is to check in internally and figure out what feels the most effortless according to your own definition. For instance, a vibrantly printed matching set may work best for you, while others would rather reach for polished separates to dress up their neutral athleisure.

Below, you’ll find 31 uncomplicated (but stylish) outfits for every day of August. And hopefully, by the end of the month, you’ll feel rested and refueled for September, aka the official start of layering season and — drumroll, pleaseFashion Month.

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A One-And-Done Dress

An easy, one-and-done dress — an option you can slip on and not worry too much about styling because it speaks for itself — is ideal for when you’re too hot for anything else.

Fruity Two-Piece Set

Wear an overtly summery print — like a zippy citrus pattern, for instance — while you still can. And even better if it comes in a matching set, as two-piece co-ords take all the guesswork out of getting dressed.

Basic Boxers

Fashion girls are wearing boxer PJs out of the house because, first off, they’re as comfortable as can be. And secondly, they exude a laidback, “Just rolled out of bed and, yes, somehow I look this good” type of vibe.

The Curtain Effect

Have you heard of the one-button cardigan hack? Approved by celebs like Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, it’s the technique of only fastening one enclosure on your top to create a revealing, curtain-like effect. Try it out this August for a low-effort, high-reward impact.

Tube Dress

A tube dress is a pull-on-and-go option you’ll love on a mid-August night when the temperatures are somehow still hitting the high 80s and you have dinner plans at a formal-ish restaurant.

A High-Fashion Hawaiian Shirt

Dadcore, but make it fashion. Consider trying a Hawaiian shirt from a luxe brand — Gucci, for example — as an unexpected yet elegant style moment.

Love Parade Printed Twill Shirt
From Gucci’s “Love Parade” collection, this vibrant rock-and-roll button-down is a maximal dresser’s dream come true.

Bike-Shorts Bodysuit

Last summer, bike short bodysuits were a break-away athleisure trend that fashion girls could not get enough of. And while summer 2022 has seen a rise in popularity for other movement-friendly styles, sporty singlets have yet to fall off the charts.

Prep For Fall Knitwear

If you’re someone who eagerly awaits sweater season, try integrating knitwear into your late-summer arsenal, too. The key is to choose an option that offers breathability — like a distressed piece with a surplus of airy holes.

A Prepster-Approved Shirt Dress

Try a button-down shirt dress with loafers for an outfit that offers simple, easy-to-achieve polish. This look is also a way to tap into 2022’s ongoing preppy fashion trend, too.

Crochet All The Way

Out of all of summer 2022’s many trending styles, crochet dresses might be the ones you’ve heard the most buzz about. The craftcore-inspired silhouette is simultaneously sensual and down-to-earth, making it an excellent option for those first starting to dabble with sultry dressing.

Denim Bermuda Shorts

ICYMI: Fashion folks are swapping their denim cut-offs for jorts — longline jean shorts, in other words. So on the days where you seek a bit more coverage than what your Daisy Dukes can offer you, try a Bermuda-length style.

A Streamlined Slip

No matter where you sit on the sartorial spectrum of tastes, a sleek slip dress is likely one of your foundational wardrobe staples. Give some love to the timeless silhouette this August by wearing it as an unpretentious late-summer outfit.

A Keyhole Tank

The cutout trend prevails! Consider swapping your good ol’ white tank for one with peek-a-boo keyholes this month.

An Outfit-Making Necklace

If there’s no outfit inspiration to be found in your closet, turn to your jewelry box instead. Assemble a look of black separates and then rely on a statement necklace — ideally a sculptural silver option, as the look is trending right now — to pack a punch.

A Go-To Corset

Here’s a tip: Keep a well-vetted corset in your summer wardrobe. That way, when a spontaneous date night or last-minute get-together pops up, you always have something to wear.

Fuchsia Fun

Prepare for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie by piecing together an all-hot-pink look, including your accessories. Congratulations, it’s that simple — you’ve just nailed 2022’s Barbiecore trend.

Sheer Pants

There’s no sign of the sheer trend slowing down anytime soon, so be prepared to think up newfound ways to wear the transparent look. This month, why not try see-through bottoms?

Short Shorts

Forget a micro mini skirt — opt for a pair of ultra-short short shorts this month. And according to the runways, it’s a cheeky style you’ll see popping up as summer transitions into fall.

Breezy Babydoll

If you’re heading out to run errands during a heat wave this August, skip a figure-hugging silhouette in favor of a breezy babydoll dress.

Statement Denim

Swap your basic old blue jeans for a pair that boasts sultry details — cutouts, lace-ups, artfully distressed holes, whatever suits your personal taste best.

EB Denim
Vintage Chain Pants
Worn by Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid, EB Denim’s signature chain pants jeans are the ideal, comfy-yet-scandalous going-out pants.

Zany Granny-Approved

If the neutral Coastal Grandmother trend doesn’t resonate with you, try the Zany Granny aesthetic. The look celebrates kitsch and a crafty spirit — like a top made from crocheted granny squares.

A “Pilates At 10, Brunch At 11” Look

Pro tip: Keep a button-down in your gym bag so you can effortlessly add a bit of formal polish to your workout outfit. It’s perfect for when you don’t have time to make a post-Pilates, pre-brunch pitstop at home.

White Out For A Night Out

If you’ve grown tired of an all-black going-out look, try a monochromatic white outfit instead. Just make sure to keep an eye out for any potential spills (and it’s probably best to avoid pasta sauce and red wine altogether).

Summer Suiting

While late summer brings some cooler days, the weather doesn’t necessarily warrant breaking out your wool suiting just yet. So try a tailored linen look instead.

Funky Pants & A Tee

Instead of reaching for your go-to denim bottoms when styling a graphic tee, try a pair of trousers in an eclectic, funky print. It’s a simple combo that delivers a maximal impact, one that will likely garner you a compliment or two from fellow bold dressers.

Tall Boots & A Mini

Yes, summer isn’t over quite yet, but near the end of the season, go ahead and pull out your favorite fall booties. Then, style a pair of tall boots with a mini skirt for a flirty and balanced ensemble.

Dressed-Up Sneaks

A demure dress plus statement sneakers is a straightforward combo beloved by A-listers and fashion influencers alike. Equal parts girly and sporty, it’s an option to turn to when you seek casual comfort.

Open-Back Knitwear

An open-back sweater will put you in a cozy autumnal mood while still dressing for the warm late-summer temps. Consider it a preemptive foray into sweater weather.

A Cutout Bodysuit

A black cutout bodysuit teamed with white jeans and block-heel slip-on sandals will be your new favorite outfit to wear when sipping the last few Dirty Shirleys of the season.

An Iron-Not-Required Look

Here's a life hack for lazy dressers: If a garment comes ruched and pre-crinkled, you won’t ever lose time in the morning by having to iron it.

Celebrate Sandal Weather (While You Still Can)

Sandal season is sadly almost over, so make sure you milk it while you still can by wearing a pair throughout August. May I suggest starting with fisherman sandals?