Work Or Play — Everyone’s Wearing A Bike-Shorts Bodysuit Right Now

Meet your one-and-done outfit.

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The workout onesie trend first popped up a few years ago, with influencers and celebrities pulling on a stretch spandex ensemble that covered them from collarbone to ankle, allowing them to run, dance, and lift without fidgeting with their waistband or worrying about shorts riding up. But lately the trend has turned into something new. Now, bike-shorts bodysuits are popping up not just as a cute and comfy workout uniform, but as an ensemble that works for errands and even evening drinks. While the trend came to rise amidst summer’s most sweltering days, you can bet that the look will continue well into fall — just add a sweater.

Earlier this year, reigning queen of all things tight and stretchy Kim Kardashian posted herself in the silhouette on Instagram — a look that, perhaps, she copped from ‘lil sis Kendall Jenner. This athleisure-loving editor is still in love with the Girlfriend Collective Bike Unitard, a thick-strapped design that comes in a handful of colors, that Kendall Jenner was photographed wearing last July.

But, even long-before Jenner hopped on the trend, fashion insiders have gravitated towards Tank Air’s Romeo Bodysuit, a long-sleeve design with ruched details around the breast cups, giving it a romantic, night-out feel that takes the style beyond just sporty activities. Even in New York City, a town that’s focused on fashion-forward trends and dressing up, the bodysuit has become a go-to summer uniform for 20-somethings on their way out for a night downtown.

Even if the idea of wearing this bodysuit solo feels a bit too showy for your style, you can easily layer it under a skirt or jeans as you would a normal bikini-cut bodysuit, or you can try a style like Outdoor Voices’ Exercise Dress which has a bodysuit built-in underneath. You can also break up the look by tying a sweater around the waist or try a cool metal belt for a fancier look.

Below, find four categories of playsuit to style your own way in the month to come. Feel free to break a sweat in these — they’re built to handle it.



No time to change between pilates and drinks? Simply through an oversized button-down over the sleek silhouette — something in the same color works best — and throw on a nerdy-dad-cool accessories, like chunky sneakers and a baseball cap.

Running Around

Whether you’re off to yoga or simply running errands around town, a simple stretchy bodysuit will make getting out the door exceptionally easy. If you’d rather keep covered as much as possible, throw a coat over the top, or layer sweats on. If not, simply bring a sweatshirt tied around your waist should you get hit with fall weather that may require you to wrap up a bit.


Pared-down dressers know that the best outfits can start with something ultra-simple. Take a sleek neutral bodysuit as your starting piece. Add platform sandals from The Row and a chunky necklace to keep the outfit truly easy, or layer a white button-down on top for added texture.

Night Out

If you’re planning to break out a bodysuit for an evening on the town, look for playful details like a bustier-style upper or sleeves trimmed in feathers. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of wrap-up sandals or colorful kitten heels and a cool statement bag.

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