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This Is The Only Dress Style I’ll Be Wearing This Summer

One and done.

yellow crochet dress

Come every July, I have a closet dilemma: While the long-awaited warm weather brings a multitude of occasions to dress up for, the heat, ironically, makes me not want to wear clothes. When the temperature is above 75 degrees, I can’t be bothered to throw on a cohesive outfit out of fear of boob sweat — and, well, sweat everywhere. The only things I find joy in wearing are bathing suits and breezy dresses. But recently, on vacation in St.Lucia, I discovered a particular option that is comfortable, stylish, and versatile: summer crochet dresses. They’ve become the unexpected answer to my quandary.

While this was a ‘discovery’ of sorts for me, crochet dresses are always sort of in style during the summer time. This is partially because a design with holes is the only way to dress-up and not have a heatstroke, but let’s not overlook that the silhouette evokes the laidback, joyful mood of a tropical escapes and sleep-away camp.

My summer dress of choice has usually an airy poplin or linen dress, but I’m now in my It girl era — meaning I want something a bit more figure hugging and risqué — and this peek-a-boo style is perfect for it. And while (unfortunately) I won’t be on vacation all summer, there’s thankfully a crochet dress suitable for all my other plans, from days spent exploring the city to romantic date nights.

Below discover the knit and netted silhouettes I will be living in this summer.

Annie Blay

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