Insiders Say These Up-And-Coming Makeup Trends Will Dominate 2023

Say goodbye to pared-down beauty routines.

by Natasha Marsh
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2023 makeup predictions
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While 2022 was heavily influenced by the no-makeup makeup look and pared-down beauty routines, experts predict next year will be an exciting return to full glam. 2023 makeup trend predictions, laid out by top makeup artists and beauty experts, suggest the year ahead will be marked by endless possibilities. “2023 will be our renaissance,” says Maxine Christians, makeup artist and Jillian Dempsey ambassador. “I feel that this coming year will be a time for so much creative expression but without the force.”

Andrew Velazquez, celebrity makeup artist, is in full agreement, too. “With Y2K makeup throwbacks being all the range, plus ‘90s makeup trends still making us naughty, I definitely see maximalism in the 2023 forecast.” Velazquez deems tinted moisturizer with SPF, setting spray mist infused with glitter, clear and tinted eyebrow gels, waterproof mascara, and illuminating sun kissed bronzer as some of the must-have foundational pieces of all 2023 looks. “There can be a minimalism to complexion but eyes, brows, and lips will be leading,” the expert tells TZR. And if the 2023 spring and fall runway shows were any indication, you can also expect bold blush, graphic eyeliner, done-up eyelids, and a hefty dose of glitter in the new year.

Ahead, 11 future makeup trends that you’ll see everywhere in 2023, according to celebrity makeup artists. Plus, shop products for all budgets to help you get a head start. Cheers to putting your best lip forward.

Colorful Lids

The new year will be a great time to take advantage of all the colors in your favorite eyeshadow palette. 2023 is not the time to shy away from pastels, corals, greens, or sky blues. The year is calling for boldness and that’s exactly what the trend will do.

Face Embellishments

Tamar Klorman, co-founder of Gen See Beauty, predicts pearls, glitter, and other accents to cover the face and other body parts. They add a bit of frosting to the complexion and are so easy to do. Simply grab a pack of flat-backed pearls, glue, and a placement tool. You can even add in loose glitter for more shimmer.

Blush Stick

For months, TZR editors have been delighted with the volume of blush stick options out there. This one works great as a pop of color in a no-makeup makeup look or as a finisher in a full-glam face. Pro tip: start with a powder product to intensify the stick application.

Eyes That Sparkle

It’ll be a good idea to stock up on glitters and shimmery pigments ahead of the new year as multidimensional eyes will trend. “With music festivals making a huge impact on pop culture, I see body glitter, body gleaming, and metallic accents adoring our anatomy,” Velazquez tells TZR.

Smoky Eyes

In 2023, smoky eyes are no longer just made with black, gray and silver. Ingeborg, New York City based makeup artist, deems a pop of intense color paired with a light or barely-there brow will turn heads. Her top pick: Byredo 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palettes, which really pack a punch in terms of pigment. Playful makeup will continue to reign.

Statement Lips

Bold lips are not going anywhere. “Many of my clients want to look refreshed and well-rested, which translates to simple beauty and hydrated skin,” says celebrity makeup artist Sarah Egan. “But we always play up one of their best features on their face, classic bold lips being a top contender.” Have fun experimenting with hues in holiday-friendly cherry red, coral pinks, magentas, and even bright gold.

Brushed-Up Brows

Brushed-up and gelled eyebrows are set to give soap brows a run for their money. “Feathery eyebrows are framing our self expressions,” says Velazquez. Invest in a brow wax or a two-in-one brow pencil and shaping gel to get the look.

Glossy Lips

“I feel like in 2023, we’ll all need a glossy lip,” Christians tells TZR. “We had our matte moment and we love her, but there’s nothing like a beautiful plush lip. We don’t need overly glossed, just that sweet spot. That ‘oh, hi, I’m hydrated and I take vitamins’ look.” Her current favorite: Fenty Cherry Treat Conditioning + Strengthening Lip Oil.

Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner was big in 2022 and will only get bigger as the calendar year changes. Whether you experiment with siren eyes, fishtail liners, or omit eyeshadow for liner all together, you simply can’t go wrong with graphic eyeliner.

Bronzed Nude Lips

Ingeborg credits a nude lip as a non-negotiable for 2023. “Next year you will see nude lips that are balmy, glossy, and less chalky-feeling than the Y2K lips,” the pro tells TZR. “A great nude lip and a bold mascara on curled lashes would be my short cut to all the trends. It’s super fast and very easy to apply.”

All-In-One Skin Tints

Skin tints [light complexion makeup with a focus on radiance over coverage] tend to be lightweight and help blur imperfections for a natural, even-toned complexion,” says Egan. “They don’t feel heavy like foundations, which is also a big benefit to many who don’t want to wear a lot of makeup due to the ‘feel’ of heavy makeup.”

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