Joey King’s Latest Look Is The New Standard For Graphic Eyeliner

It’s undeniably cool.

Joey King

While there will always be a place for natural, no-makeup makeup, beauty trends are noticeably shifting to include more glamorous, even opulent, looks. If Beyoncé's new era has even a shred of influence on beauty trends (and it most certainly will), you can count on seeing a futuristic vibe as summer gives way to fall — and probably beyond. Lots of other celebrities are already taking note, as evidenced by Joey King’s white graphic eyeliner for the premiere of her action-thriller film, Bullet Train.

For her appearance on last night’s red carpet, King wore a plunging white blazer dress with a long, fringe skirt. To top off the already striking ensemble, the actor opted for a futuristic glam moment. Her hair, styled by Dimitris Giannetos, was parted to the side with sleek pieces swooping across her forehead and around her ear, culminating into a low bun.

Her makeup was done by Allan Avendaño and featured intricate white graphic eyeliner. In addition to a traditional cat-eye done with black pigment, Avendaño applied white liner on King’s inner corners and above her eyelids in a flame-like shape. Her base was kept somewhat simple, with minimal contour and bronzing and a soft, rosy flush on her cheeks and lips.

On Instagram, Avendaño shared that he created King’s subtle radiance using products from Iconic London. First, he mixed the Illuminator in the shade Shine and Radiance Booster in the shade Shell Glow into her foundation. For blush and highlighter, he used the Silk Glow Duo in the shade Rose Glow, which features a gel-powder texture for seamless blending. To set everything and give King a final glow boost, Avendaño sprayed her face with Prep Set Glow in Original.

While Joey King tends to already lean experimental and pre-trendy with her glam looks, there’s no denying that futuristic looks like graphic liner and chrome manicures are on the rise.

Ahead, check out the glow-giving products that Avendaño used to accentuate King’s stunning eyeliner moment.

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