The TikTok ‘Siren Eyes’ Trend Is Main Character Makeup Anyone Can Do

It’s surprisingly easy.

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TikTok hair and makeup trends arrive so suddenly and so impactfully, you might as well take a few minutes to scroll the FYP every morning like it’s a beauty newspaper. Octopus haircuts, seemingly logic-defying foundation hacks, and sunburn-simulating blush are all having their moments, but few current trends are so transformative and universally flattering as the TikTok siren eyes hack. As the very apt name would suggest, siren eyes incorporate layers of subtle color and strategically-applied winged eyeliner to create a smudged, sultry effect made for anything-could-happen nights out. Think of it as the LBD of eye makeup — they’re both majorly versatile with serious (and immediate) sex appeal.

Unlike the innocent, “who, me?” effect of doe-eye makeup, siren eyes are distinctly edgy and more than a little femme fatale. The sharp, linear points in the inner and outer corners — the look’s hallmark — give an upturned, almond shape to the eyes while the depth and placement of the makeup makes the wearer’s stare look heavier and more intense. While the name (taken from the deadly alluring seaside sirens of Greek mythology) might be new, the concept of narrowing and intensifying the eyes with makeup is the entire foundation of smoky and cat eye looks in general. With just a few shades and a little patience, anyone can get perfectly-bewitching siren eyes at home.

At this point, hundreds of TikTok tutorials on siren eyes exist, but they all follow the same general structure and steps. As one makeup artist points out, it’s good to keep in mind that the goal is to concentrate the product outwards rather than upwards. There are a few different methods for siren eyes, but for beginners, the easiest way is to stick with easy-to-blend eyeshadows and pencils with buildable opacity — it’s much easier to add more product if necessary than remove too much.

After layering on some budge-proof eye primer, it’s time to get started with color. A soft brown eyeshadow shade (or just your shimmer-free bronzer) is first, applied along the upper and lower lash lines with a fluffy brush. Blend it out towards the temples and into the hollow between your eyes and the bridge of your nose. If you’re having difficulty ensuring the color stays neat, use an index card, shadow shield, or barely-sticky masking tape to act like bumpers. Using an even denser brush and a slightly deeper color, darken the shading along your upper lash line.

Using a smudgeable pencil eyeliner in an even darker shade, fill in your upper lash line before drawing a thin outward-projected cat-eye line using the edge of your lower lash line as a guide. To make eyelashes look thicker, some opt for connecting the top of the cat eye flick to a soft line through the crease — for hooded eyes, draw the line just above your natural crease line so it shows. The most important part of the siren eyes look is the sharp triangle of liner in the inner corner, which can be made with shadow or pencil. Make it way easier on yourself, though, by loading the product onto an angled brow powder brush and stamping it on for straight lines every time.

Finally, a few finishing touches can take the look from a run-of-the-mill smoky eye to can’t-look-away siren eyes. Using a tapered cotton swab or a fine-tipped makeup brush with a bit of concealer, clean up the edges of the inner and outer wings so they’re razor-sharp and precise. Lightly run a bit of luminous highlighter along the bottom lines of both wings (a pencil brush is so helpful) to make them look all the more acute and to add some otherwordly, darkly ethereal glow crucial for any siren.