Lizzo Gets Candid About Her Breakouts — And The Products She Uses To Beat Them

They’re sensitive skin-approved.

Lizzo natural skin selfie

The stress a popstar’s skin is perpetually under is mind-bending. They’re constantly sweating in rehearsals, performing hours-long routines on-stage, and racking up a dizzying number of air miles around the world and back — and often all while wearing heavy makeup. So how do they manage to do it all and still look so fresh-faced? A team of pros helps, sure, but so does a consistent care regimen. A true woman of the people, Lizzo is pulling back the curtain on celebrity skin care secrets, revealing her own go-to products and techniques in a new TikTok. Lizzo’s skin care routine is robust, relatable, and just might inspire you to overhaul your own. Getting vulnerable about the current state of her own stressed skin — she’s in the middle of a massive tour, complete with the coolest makeup you’ve ever seen — Lizzo proves that she’s simultaneous the most glamorous and the most down-to-earth popstar out there.

In the new TikTok posted to her page, Lizzo shares that she’s currently experiencing breakouts, irritation, and itchy bumps amidst the chaos of tour. “There’s nothing wrong with having texture on your skin,” she clarifies at the start, swaddled in the coziest-looking teddy fleece, her hair pulled into two curly puffs. She explains it’s how her skin feels that’s giving her grief, and starts to walk fans through her step-by-step plan for resolving the issue.

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Alexx Mayo, Lizzo’s brilliant makeup artist both on-tour and in real life, doubles as her skin care guru, suggesting effective products to combat the irritation. First, Lizzo washes her face with an all-time classic brand per Mayo’s recommendation, the new Hydrating Foaming Cream Cleanser. She brings the lathered foam down to her chest, where she’s also been experiencing breakouts. “I have extremely sensitive skin,” she shares, and anything scented can trigger a breakout.

Next, Lizzo rubs in the First Aid Beauty Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask, loaded with soothing centella asiatica (also known as tiger grass) and, of course, arnica, which helps accelerate skin’s natural healing process — ideal for combating irritation. “I know this all looks so #AD,” she jokes, “but it’s not!” She also makes a very relatable point about leaving her faux lashes on for a little late-night FaceTime with her beau. Finally, she smoothes on a Dr. Jart+ Tiger Grass Cicapair Calming Serum Mask, a $9 fan-favorite sheet mask designed to reduce redness, moisture barrier damage, and add in serious hydration.

Though the video ends there, Lizzo was kind enough to post a next-day update, reporting back on the state of her skin after using the suite of products. “My skin is significantly less itchy, irritated, and angry,” she says, bringing her noticeably smoother skin close to the camera. “I feel really good about what I just did.” She also mentions sleeping on a satin pillowcase as a major factor in calming the irritation. While the skin improvement is excellent, it’s the precipitous change in her energy that’s really remarkable — she’s feeling good as hell once again.

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