No Joke, This $8 Brow Serum Will Give You Full & Fluffy Arches

Say “so long” to microblading.

Brow serums

Despite rumblings that the early 2000s thin eyebrow trend is making its return, full, feathery brows are still very much on the menu. You could easily point to popular techniques such as brow lamination and soap brows to demonstrate a general desire for fluffy eyebrows, both of which promise a bold, brushed-up effect. Of course, there are many other ways to achieve a fuller brow look — aside from these treatments, brow serums are a great tool to employ for fuller thicker brows. Brow serums condition the hairs themselves to encourage growth, while brow serum/gel hybrids can help sculpt the eyebrows and help them stay in place.

These products (most of which can also be used along the lash line to boost eyelash growth) typically contain ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides that nourish the hair follicles and therefore, can lead to increased brow hair growth. As with any hair growth treatment, you likely won’t see significant results until you’ve been using the product for a few weeks, but consistency is key. Even if your brows eventually fill out, you still might want to use a brow gel to polish your look a bit and set the hairs in place, or even add some additional volume.

If full, fluffy brows are your thing, keep reading for some of the best brow-boosting products to add to your beauty regimen.

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