The Faux Fur Hat Has Entered Its Fashion Girl Era

See ya, beanies.

faux fur winter hats
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From the moment the temperature dropped below 50-degrees this season, fabulous fur pieces — full-length shearling styles, Penny Lane vintage coats, Y2K fur-cuffed cardigans — began flooding the style circuit. But one of the newer and more notable places we’re seeing the plush, fuzzy material is on glamorous, fancy lady hats. While adorable fuzzy bucket silhouettes have been percolating around the winter market for a few years now, this season, fur headpieces feel more luxurious and refined. Think: less free-wheeling, party girl and more her cool aunt with a flair for ultra-glamorous Eastern-European style, who loves causing a stir at family functions.

A blend of cossack hats and “ushankas” — a fur cap with ear flaps tied up to the crown, which dates back to the 17th century — this Russian style fur hat (as its labeled on TikTok) exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance that complements the rise of loud luxury. The piece has even spearheaded the birth of a new aesthetic: Slavic girl winter, which now has over 19 million views on TikTok. The content around the hashtag usually captures influencers dressed in a timeless mini dress or a neutral matching set, a statement fur coat, and of course, the pièce de résistance... a fur hat atop their perfectly styled bombshell waves.

Industry insiders seem to be on board, too. Last March, outside various Fall/Winter 2023 runway events from ateliers like Miu Miu, Prada, and Palm Angels, tastemakers posed for paparazzi in the Slavic girl staple. At Paris Fashion Week, model Kiwi Lee Han strutted in an uber-fuzzy white hat, which she coupled with a classic Canadian tuxedo adorned with coordinating fluffy cuffs. Another muse leaned a bit heavier into the Eastern European vibes by coupling their black version with a fur-finished suede coat and an LBD (pictured below). The trend stayed strong throughout the rest of Fashion Month, and even made its way to Copenhagen Fashion Week in August, where some attendees adapted the wintery must-have for the end of summer heat (talk about dedication). And with front-row frequenters like Rihanna and Tina Leung giving the look their stamp of approval this past December as well, it’s all but certain a few fur hats will turn up outside the shows this February.

Kiwi Lee Han at Paris Fashion Week in March 2023.Christian Vierig/Getty Images Entertainment
A guest at Paris Fashion Week in March 2023.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment
A guest at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2023.Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment

If your Pinterest is flooded with inspo pics of this specific fur hat (same), this is your sign to finally press “add to cart.” Shop the 11 options below to channel the lavish look this winter. Your trusty beanie could use a break anyway.

Adrienne Landau
Faux Fox Fur Hat
If Hailey Bieber decides to hit up Aspen, Colorado once more this season, we wouldn’t be shocked to see her wearing this Adrienne Landau beauty with a floor-length fur coat and her go-to knee-high leather boots.