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Tina Leung’s Go-To Party Look Is So Easy To Recreate

Remember this for next Saturday night.

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Few feelings ignite more panic than running behind because you don’t know what to wear. File away some fail-safe outfit ideas to fall back on with TZR’s Fashionably Late series, where we tap our favorite tastemakers for the looks they reach for in a rush — and, naturally, the exact products you need to follow suit.

Tina Leung is not interested in committing to a singular aesthetic, and she’s OK with that. “My style’s all over the place,” the influencer and stylist tells me one evening before sitting down for dinner with the L.A.-based occasion wear brand Nana Jacqueline (she’s hosting, of course). “People call me a chameleon because [my look] changes all the time.” However, she admits, leading such a whirlwind life mean she needs a few foolproof outfit templates in her back pocket for busier days (and nights).

One go-to that never lets her down? “A cute little dress, sexy heels, and a big blazer to go over top is like the easiest thing for nighttime,” she explains effusively. “A dress is a one-stop shop!” (So, too, she points out, is a romper like the one she’s wearing for tonight’s festivities; it essentially serves the same purpose as a short skirt but offers a little extra coverage where it counts.)


If you’re worried about cold weather, Leung continues, her mini + stilettos + jacket formula is one that’s simple enough to also combine with tights, boots, and big old coat. Tonight she’s working a fabulous leopard print fur (and matching pill hat!) but the verdict’s still out what she’ll do for the next party in her life. That’s the beauty of this particular combination of pieces — even if you keep going back to the same general building blocks, the finished product will always be different.

Give the insider’s favorite going out look a try with her picks below — and feel free to take creative liberties! Everything here works together, but if there’s one particular piece that speaks to you, try mixing it with whatever’s already in your wardrobe.

Nana Jacqueline
Keira Velvet Mini Dress
When it doubt, a fitted LBD is something you can reinvent over and over again. For one that stands out, opt for a piece with subtle crystal embellishment.
Amina Muaddi
Begum Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Mirrored-Leather Slingback Pumps
Have you heard? Metallic accessories are having a moment. But on trend or not, a silver pair of heels always feel apt for a party.

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