8 Beauty Editors On The Best Tips They’ve Gotten From Their Mothers

Moms always know best.

Courtesy Of Olivia Rose Rushing
The best beauty tips editors received from their moms.

Mom, ma, mother, mamma — these are just a few of the endearing terms used when speaking about the women who shape our lives day in and day out. From childhood to adolescence (and even adulthood), they’ve served as a wealth of beauty knowledge throughout the years. Whether it came in the form of advice or from watching them consistently reach for their favorite lipstick or expertly layering their skin products, their wisdom and impact are undeniably endless. Though it’s true that many of us look up to our moms, it feels uniquely true for the women who’ve made a career in beauty. After all, doling out guidance and useful product recommendations is a daily part of the job. From timesaving tricks for the perfect no-fuss hairstyle or the best way to apply mascara, beauty editors have definitely gotten a few beauty tips from their moms.

As Mother’s Day approaches, reflecting on everything these superwomen have passed down is natural. Furthermore, in a world of TikTok tutorials, it’s a grounding experience to utilize the rituals accrued from them in daily routines. To honor the women who’ve nurtured and mentored them, TZR tapped eight beauty editors for the best tips they’ve received from their moms. Ahead, they share musings and maternal advice they’ll always remember.

Beth Gillette, Beauty Editor, Cosmopolitan

Courtesy Of Beth Gillette

“So, my mom was never very into beauty. Heck, the woman still swears that antibacterial soap and Stridex pads are the key to clear skin. But I’ll never forget the first time she let me wear eyeliner in sixth grade for a Halloween costume. She taught me, quite meticulously, how important tightlining your upper eye lid with black liner is for making your eyelashes look bold and black. It’s been a non-negotiable in my makeup routine ever since.”

Katie Intner, Associate Beauty Editor, Harper's BAZAAR


“My mom always taught me that beauty exudes from the mind and body and to care holistically for yourself; she always honed in on getting lots of sleep and drinking plenty of water. In the same vein, my mom also said less is more when it comes to makeup. And most importantly, she made it clear to always apply sunscreen to your face, neck, décolletage, and hands.”

Amanda Mitchell, Senior Beauty Writer & Stories Creator, Refinery29


“So, not only is my mother the smartest, nicest, and best woman alive (I can be biased and correct at the same time), but she also happens to be the most poignant and beautiful woman I have ever met. She has always been humble about her beauty, which is abundant and rich inside and out. My mom was a true 1970’s Black babe through and through. She always encouraged me to focus on gaining inner beauty because she knew outer beauty would come along at some point, and for that, I thank her. She recognized that all of her children are humans with nuance and self-expression, and I will never forget her saying to me, ‘another woman’s beauty is not the lack of your own.’ As far as tangible items go, she gave me my first moisturizer at 11-years-old and threatened to disown me if I touched my eyebrows before I was 22. So I’d say my mom is both supportive and terrifying when it comes to beauty.”

Rachel Lapidos, Senior Lifestyle & Beauty Editor, Bustle

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“My mom always told me that less is more. As a teen, I went through an Avril Lavigne phase during which I wore way too much black eyeliner, so her advice was warranted — but I didn't actually listen until several years later. She was definitely right, and I abide by that with my everyday makeup routine now.”

Caitie Schlisserman, Sr. Beauty Director, Branded Content, Who What Wear


“I work in the beauty industry and love experimenting with products, but I think my mom unknowingly taught me to stick to what works. For as long as I can remember, she's used the same staple makeup and skin products from Clarins and Trish McEvoy. I'm older and have also become such a creature of habit when it comes to my routine. I know what the outcome is going to be, so why mess it up? I'm not saying I never find something new that I love, I just always end up going back to my core group of products because they're what make me feel my best.”

Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor, ELLE.com


“Growing up, having ashen skin was basically a criminal offense in my Caribbean household. My mother’s favorite trick to combat dryness year-round was to mix Avon shower oil or almond oil into just about every lotion or body cream in the house to ensure we were moisturized from head to toe — a beauty tip I still use to this day. Even with an arsenal of products that tout maximum hydration and nourishment, none come close to the moisture imparted by concocting my very own buttery formula from the comfort of my home.”

Olivia Hancock, Editor, Byrdie

Courtesy Of Olivia Hancock

“The best beauty advice I’ve learned from my mother isn’t something she explicitly told me. Instead, it’s something I’ve received through watching her over the years. My mom loves to get dolled up and pampered, but she has never been one to wear tons of makeup or engage in lengthy skin care routines. Instead, she takes a simple and minimal approach to beauty, which I’ve always admired. While I love experimenting, I try to incorporate her ‘less is more’ attitude into my day-to-day, opting for streamlined routines and effortless, easy-to-use makeup products.”

Olivia Rose Rushing, Beauty Writer, Bustle

Courtesy Of Olivia Rose Rushing

“My mom is incredibly natural and definitely believes in aging gracefully, so I think the biggest thing I've learned from her is that less is always more. Gentle skin care that is deeply hydrating, spending time resetting in nature or with animals (she is living her dream of working with horses all day, which is so inspiring), eating Italy-inspired Mediterranean meals, and of course, a whole lot of SPF are her tried-and-true secrets. And aside from indulging in hydrafacials and massages at the start of every season, I think her biggest beauty secret of all is living a life full of joy and gratitude (and some really loud country music to get her days going on a positive note).”