Dry Winter Skin Is No Match For This Celebrity-Approved Moisturizer

So long, dry patches.

Moisturizers for dry winter skin

It’s officially that time of year when winter weather throws a giant wrench in your beauty routine. Biting winds and quickly falling temperatures have a not-so-pleasant habit of sucking every droplet of moisture out of the skin, leading to dry patches, dullness, and irritation. Not only does this mean seriously unhappy skin, but it can also prevent your makeup from going on smoothly and looking its best. All in all, it’s a tricky season for skin, which is why it’s important to switch up your products accordingly — like finding the best winter moisturizers that tackle even the most stubborn dryness.

Ultra-nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides are no-brainers when it comes to winter skin care, but it can be beneficial to pay attention to consistency as well. Thicker creams and balms can come in handy, especially if your skin tends to be dry year-round. For super parched skin, you may even want to try out slugging, the trendy-yet-effective K-beauty practice of layering an occlusive product (like petroleum jelly) over your evening moisturizer to help lock in hydration.

No matter your skin type, you’ll surely need a boost of moisture in the colder months. Ahead, discover the best winter moisturizers to *add to cart* this season.

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Sisley Paris
Restorative Facial Cream 50ml
French skin care is beloved for a reason, and Sisley is no exception. This cream not only hydrates the skin but helps repair the harmful effects of environmental stress.