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Creative May Outfits To Get You In An Almost-Summer Mood

Recharge your fashion batteries.

Vivian Hoorn in a creative may outfit

Welcome to May, the month that officially means summer — oh, glorious, non-40-degree-plus-wind-chill summer! — is just one month away. You can almost taste the citrus bubbles of an Aperol Spritz dancing on your tongue. You’re experiencing the caffeine-like, energizing effects of regular vitamin D as the days get longer and sunshine becomes readily available. To wit, in honor of this electric almost-summer buzz you’re now reveling in, make a pledge to also apply it to your monthly fashion lineup. Let May be the month you don trendy outfit after trendy outfit, pushing yourself out of your sartorial comfort zone and tackling the season’s most polarizing trends head-on.

You could start with the revival of the “naked” dress. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a risqué dresser with a penchant for putting skin on display, there are some sartorial workarounds that’ll allow you to participate in the now-ubiquitous look on your own terms. You could go the optical illusion route, selecting a body-hugging piece from indie It-label Syndical Chamber to create a sultry impact through a figure-depicting print. Or snag a sheer mesh or netted dress, both of which will create a transparent effect you can control through what you choose to layer underneath the garment.

For a less NSFW option, consider test-driving spring 2022’s bubble hem trend. The playful silhouette does lend itself to high-drama (think capacious gowns and maxi skirts), but it can also manifest in more wearable everyday iterations like midi skirts and dresses.

Ahead, find 31 inspired outfits that’ll recharge your fashion batteries and give you a major boost in creativity. And remember: There’s no trend so controversial that it can’t be tweaked to your liking.

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A Cinched Statement

Pick up a statement belt made of metallics this month instead of a nondescript black or brown alternative. A foolproof way to wear it? Cinched atop a relaxed knit dress or woven through the belt loops of low-slung jeans.

Summer Suiting

Tackle the summer suiting trend with any linen blazer in your arsenal. The laidback take on the academia-inspired staple lends itself to an endless array of outfits — including a look consisting of a ‘90s-era slip dress and strappy sandals.

Denim On Denim

Canadian tuxedos — aka denim on denim — have received their fair share of buzz as of late. Create your own head-to-toe jean moment by utilizing a pair of Bermuda shorts and a crystal-encrusted denim jacket.

Plush To The Touch

Forget structured leather — instead, introduce a scrunched nylon purse into your summer handbag collection. Bonus: Your plushy pouch can act as a stress ball, too.

Patchwork Jeans

Patchwork denim is trending so now’s your chance to live out 1970s-style fantasy with a pair of multi-material flare jeans. Team the bottoms with a minimal off-the-shoulder blouse and pointed-toe heels.

Laced-Up Over Jeans

Strappy, lace-up heels aren’t solely for mini and midi dresses, you know. For a unique combo, wrap your shoe’s straps around the legs of your trousers.

Full Transparency

Sheer dresses are a front-running style for summer 2022, so consider this your official invitation to jump in on the see-through fun. And, don’t worry — you don’t have to bare it all. Instead, utilize strategic layering to cover up as you see fit.

A Tank Dress

A tank dress makes for a no-fuss, uncomplicated option to slip into when you’re in a carefree mood. Combine with your favorite pair of colorful sneakers and delicate gold jewelry.

Anti-White Button-Down

Opt for a twist on the classic white oxford shirt by choosing one made of a saturated hue — soft lilac, baby blue, or tangerine, for instance. It’ll make for an inspired button-down outfit.

Butterfly Cowgirl

Give the butterfly, a ubiquitous motif that’s played a considerable role in fashion history, the spotlight it deserves this May. Don a piece dedicated to the winged creature — like Ranch Road’s Scarlett Butterfly Boots.

A Nuclear Reaction

Eye-popping neons may not be for everyone (scroll away, minimalists) but they’re a hard-to-miss look statement dressers will adore. Balance out the acidic hue’s boldness via toned-down accessories — like dadcore-esque sandals and brown sunnies.

Rainbow Stripes

Why limit yourself to just one color of the rainbow? Pay homage to the full ROYGBIV spectrum with a technicolor, striped maxi dress.

A Far-Away State Of Mind

Whether you actually have a getaway scheduled or your escapism is more of the metaphorical kind, curate a vacation-inspired outfit this May. A woven tote bag will help to complete the far-away fantasy.

Body Scan

Carrie Bradshaw would be oh-so proud: This season marks the resurrection of the naked dress. One of the sultry staple’s many iterations includes figure-hugging, bodycon pieces.

Cast A Net

Instead of a close-knit crochet top, try one made of a loose netted fabric this month. As for what you display underneath, well, that’s entirely up to you (but TZR invites you to consider wearing a lingerie-adjacent bra top).

Socks & Pumps

Admittedly a polarizing combo, socks styled with heels is a pairing for those who don’t shy away from a sartorial risk. If you’re up for the challenge, try it yourself this spring. The key is to scrunch and play with your set of socks, ensuring they hit your calf at the ideal spot.

Shades Of Sherbet

Breathe new life into the tie-dye fads of yesteryear by choosing pieces done in abstract, sherbert-colored washes. Given the effect is more of a gradient than an explosive, multi-colored spiral, it creates a more sophisticated and subtle impact.

Cool Girl Galoshes

There’s perhaps no item on this season’s market more emblematic of the daytime disco trend than Bottega Veneta’s glitter Puddle Booties. Pair the golden galoshes with a movement-friendly dress in a matching aureate shade.

Athluxe Bike Shorts

Familiarize yourself with the sports-adjacent athluxe aesthetic this May, starting with out-of-the-box biker shorts. Team a pair of the unconventional bottoms with knee-high boots to add another unexpected sartorial element to your sporty outfit.

It’s A Draw

If you’ve already mastered the crochet aspect of craftcore, tackle another expressive aspect of the DIY-feeling trend: the scribble print.

Spots On Spots On Spots

Embrace a spotted point-of-view by testing out spring and summer’s polka dot trend.

Pretty In Pastels

Not typically a fan of Easter egg shades, but interested in giving the soft color palette another chance? Look for items that integrate deeper, grounding colors — a dark caramel brown, for instance — to add visual contrast the otherwise muted hues.

Fun With Bubbles

Ultra-dramatic bubble-hem gowns were a mainstay in Spring/Summer 2022’s showing and, as predicted, the voluminous detail is now manifesting in more casual iterations.

Lime Rickey

For when you need an instant dopamine rush, curate an outfit composed of highly saturated lime green. The bright hue, without fail, yields a mood-boosting effect.

Deconstructed Tuxedo

This season has heralded the remix of traditional suiting. Participate in spring’s newfound take on tailoring — occasionally called the Homme Girl trend — by wearing a deconstructed tuxedo.

On Your Breast Behavior

Spring 2022’s sultry fashion trend has the potential to manifest subtly — with a garment with slight sheer paneling or a tiny peek-a-boo midriff cutout, for instance. However, don’t be afraid to lean full-tilt into the risqué aesthetic if you dare.

Sleepwear As Streetwear

If you’ve ever wondered, “Can I get away with wearing pajamas out of the house?” the answer is an emphatic yes. Trendsetting celebrities often wear sleepwear as streetwear, and you can too.

Sartorial Psychedelia

As you may recall, the Spring/Summer 2022 runways (NYFW’s especially) shared several groovy themes. Vibrant fungi motifs, out-of-this-world alien prints, and trippy text — tap into these mind-altering trends all May.

À La Kendall Jenner

Yes, this is the Loewe blur dress Kendall Jenner wore just last month. Unfortunately, the maxi in question is sold out on seemingly every retailer (call it the Jenner effect), but you can snag the tank top version below.

Candy Necklace Redux

Remember those fruity, sacharine candy necklaces you accessorized with as a kid? Indulge your inner child and integrate a grown-up version into your summer 2022 jewelry collection.

Wearable Art

On your next visit to an art museum, become a walking exhibit with a garment that boasts an ornate decorative print.