This Is How Women Wore Jeans In The '70s

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With enough time, trends — much like history — will repeat themselves. Some may fade to the background only to return five years later, while others might be so far beneath the surface that it’s a complete surprise when they become the next It trend of the moment. However, if there’s one era of fashion that seems to be the sartorial vault that keeps on giving, it’s the ‘70s — particularly with its beloved denim styles. Of course, it wasn’t just the different types of denim that came out of the decade, but how they were styled that's important to note (and emulate).

The decade of disco and rock ‘n’ roll also became one of free movement, leading to an uptick in iconic flowing silhouettes like bell bottoms and wide legs. That said, for every flared-leg option, there was also a straight-leg style worth wearing — whether the focus of an outfit or not. Since their heyday, these two specific looks stepped out of the limelight as more fitted ones (hello, skinny jeans) took their place. But now, over 40 years later, they’re back at front and center.

If you haven’t had the chance to get yourself acquainted with these vintage-inspired silhouettes, styling them might be on the daunting side. Thankfully, there are plenty of photos from the era that could help you get started. Scroll down to take a cue from the ‘70s most fashion-forward ladies the next time you’re gearing up to wear your jeans.

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'70s Jeans Style: Ripped Tank & Heels

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Whether you're planning on dancing the night away like Diana Ross or you just want a simple way to style your jeans, a ripped tank will keep you cool while the heels dress your look.

'70s Jeans Style: Paired With A Lace Camisole

Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

For a more bohemian approach to styling your jeans, opt for a spaghetti-strap camisole with lace trim, like Cher.

'70s Jeans Style: Metallic Jacket

Laurent MAOUS/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Just in case you're looking for a French girl-approved way to stand out, Jane Birkin's metallic jacket paired with dark wash bell bottoms will be the inspiration you need to make a statement.

'70s Jeans Style: Cardigan, Turtleneck, & Clogs

Sophie Bassouls/Sygma/Getty Images

When you want an ensemble that's on the cozier side, style a cardigan with your jeans. Then, finish your look with a pair of slip-on clogs like Angela Davis.

'70s Jeans Style: Quilted Jacket & Scarf

Anwar Hussein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Want a look fit for a royal? Pair your jeans with a quilted jacket and a neck scarf.

'70s Jeans Style: Denim On Denim

Tim Boxer/Archive Photos/Getty Images

There's something about pairing a denim jacket with your jeans that feels casually chic — especially when they're in the same wash. Complete the look with a simple leather bag.

'70s Jeans Style: Paired With A Cotton Tank

INA/INA/Getty Images

When in doubt, a classic white tank will go with your jeans — regardless of cut — seamlessly. Keep your ensemble on the minimal side with dainty jewelry and a low-key beauty look.

'70s Jeans Style: Colorful Turtleneck

Tony Evans/Timelapse Library Ltd./Hulton Archive/Getty Images

If your jeans have specific details that put them on the statement-making side of styles, style them with a simple piece on top, like a turtleneck sweater.

'70s Jeans Style: Fitted Turtleneck Top

Michael Ochs Archives/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

One of Gloria Steinem's most iconic looks featured a pair of dark jeans, a fitted turtleneck tucked in, and a wide leather belt color-coordinated to her shirt. If you want to create a 2020 version of her outfit, style a fitted long-sleeve top or bodysuit with your flared jeans.

'70s Jeans Style: Printed Blouse & Blazer

Mirrorpix/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Printed blouses were everywhere during the '70s, and they paired well with tailored bell bottom jeans. Recreate Jane Fonda's layered look with a similar blouse and a boxy blazer.

'70s Jeans Style: Classic Blazer and Platforms

Gilles GIRIBALDI/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Want a more classic take on the blazer-and-jeans combination? Style an oversized black blazer with flared jeans and platform heels.