Daytime Disco Is The Trend Giving Sequins & Crystals A New Feel

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Megan Adelaide in the daytime disco trend.
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Once the novelty of loungewear wore off, many itched to fall back in love with fashion and turned to the showiest, most extravagant garments possible to do so. Every outing, even the mundane ones, became a celebration, an excuse to throw on a head-turning dress and a flashy pair of heels — just because. And then, 2022’s ‘70s style resurgence hit, inciting a mass appreciation for the epoch’s iconic style, and a niche subset of the celebratory style phenomenon began to take shape: the daytime disco trend. Fashion girls are now combining their love of the decade with their newfound appreciation for glitz and glam, wearing crystal-fringed drop earrings to brunch and doing bodega runs in bedazzled bell-bottoms. It’s a Saturday Night Fever spirit, but at noon on a Tuesday.

As for the pathology behind the daytime disco trend, look to the Spring/Summer 2022 showings. Of course, there were the brands known for their high-shine wares, like AREA and Paco Rabanne, that put on light-catching and showy displays. But even more telling were the brands not necessarily known for their shimmer introducing dazzling garments. Alongside pieces done in swirling psychedelic prints, Stella McCartney sent a crystal-embellished, golden catsuit down the runway. Alexandre Vauthier showed a silver fringe mini dress at its Spring/Summer 2022 Couture show, while Alberta Ferretti revealed a sequined, high-waisted pant straight out of Studio 54 on its ready-to-wear runway.

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 Peter White/Getty Images
Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2022Estrop/Getty Images
Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2022Estrop/Getty Images

Caroline Maguire, Shopbop’s fashion director, theorizes the advent of showy, disco-esque style is a result of fashion’s recent coup d'état of aesthetics. “Maximalist fashion is definitely making a strong comeback due to a few years of minimalist, comfortable dressing,” she tells TZR. “And,” she adds, “I think everyone is excited about going out and getting dressed up again … so why not step out in a show-stopping outfit during the day too?” KARA Founder Sarah Law echoes Maguire: “People are ready to have something to be excited about, and sometimes it's the small things” — like a diamond-encrusted pump or a sky blue sequined turtleneck — “that really make the difference,” she says. “It's an important time to find things that spark joy,” adds Law.

Moreover, Maguire says the 1970s-centric, high-shine style phenomenon is a versatile and accessible one, too. “Anyone can participate in the daytime disco trend — it’s all about how you wear those disco-inspired pieces and what you style them with,” describes the fashion director. Ahead, find a few different options for participating in the groovy-meets-glitzy look and some high-shine items to shop. Step into a time machine and go back to the glamorous decade.

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Diamanté Anything & Everything

In particular, Maguire observed an uptick in diamond-encrusted items. “In accessories, we’re seeing colored enamel jewelry with diamond embellishments and statement hair pieces like rhinestone headbands. And for clothing, people are even wearing diamanté on basic white tees,” she describes. In other words, “anywhere you can add some sparkle here or some glitter there,” go for it, advises the fashion director.

As for styling the shimmering items, she says it’s up to the wearer for how far they’d like to push it. “Go for a more subtle look by adding a simple metallic bag or diamond-encrusted shoe to your usual look,” she says. “Or fully lean into the trend with a shimmery top or glitter skirt set, adding that extra layer of jewelry and embellishments to make it your own.”

Sequins Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Who doesn’t love sequins? Maguire points to the shiny disk-like beads for being an easy way to join in on the daytime disco moment. “I love the idea of mixing and matching disco dressing with some casual pieces,” she tells TZR. “Think about styling a sequin top with your favorite ripped denim, or a metallic mini skirt with a comfy oversized knit and flat sneakers for wearable yet still bold looks!”

Crystalized Fringe

It wouldn’t be a ‘70s-based fashion trend without fringe being a key player. Although, instead of loose leather straps or strands of soft fabric, you’ll find the detail manifesting in crystallized form. Consider adding a pair of fringed hot pants to your daytime outfit rotation, like Cinq à Sept’s understated yet statement Remy pair.

Beyond Silver & Gold

Camilla Overgaard, founder of Danish-based Hosbjerg, says colorful metallic pieces signal the daytime disco trend isn’t solely relegated to a silver and gold palette. “I think people are becoming braver when it comes to standing out in a crowd rather than looking like anybody else,” she offers as to why people are expanding beyond the traditional metal colorways.

“[Colorful metallic pieces] excite me, as they give positive vibes all around. The colors just put a smile on my face, and isn’t that what fashion is about?” ponders Overgaard. You’ll find Hosbjerg’s iconic Fie Pants and other technicolor and reflective pieces — like Norma Kamali’s Carrie Bradshaw-approved Diana Gown in a silver-lilac lamé — below.

Chainmail & Metallic Mesh

KARA’s Law also shouts out chainmail and crystal mesh for being key components of the trend. She cites how the materials create “a sense of playfulness and optimism,” leaning into the year’s ongoing phase of dopamine dressing. Furthermore, pieces done in the crystal materials are profoundly dramatic, which makes them an effortless way to add sparkle to any outfit. “The crystal pieces are great for changing up any look, however formal or casual,” articulates the sparkly devotee.

In particular, Law points to KARA’s new wearable accessories, like the Crystal Mesh Tie, Flat Cap, and Head Scarf, as easy-to-wear statement pieces. She describes them as “all really fun pieces that will be great for the spring activities like riding a bike around the city, having drinks with friends, weddings, etc.”

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