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These January Manicure Ideas Are The Best Way To Beat The Winter Blues

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January Nails

January always starts with a bang, but once the fireworks of the holiday end and winter finally settles in, the middle of the month can feel a bit lackluster. With bitter cold temperatures, you’re probably spending more time indoors. Furthermore, you may also find yourself scrolling endlessly through Instagram for some fun beauty inspiration. The freezing weather might be putting a damper on your social life, but you can easily lean into the current top manicure trends. Instagram is full of January nail ideas to keep your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re searching for a standout set or a simple and sophisticated design, there’s no shortage of looks to try.

For minimalists, January is the perfect time to embrace icy shades. Colors such as silver, blue, and gray have already solidified their place as go-to seasonal hues. While a solid manicure never fails to disappoint, it can be fun to incorporate them into a cool design. Another great thing about this month is the cozy elements you can infuse into nails, too. A nubby sweater or chunky knit blanket creates the ultimate winter vibe, and thanks to trends like the creamy latte nails and plush velvet looks, your manicure can have the same warm feeling.

Ahead, the best January nail ideas to test drive this month. With so many options, you won’t have to brave the elements for a salon-quality manicure.

Silver Velvet Nails

Velvet nails are one of the chicest ways to embrace winter. The simple technique uses magnetic polishes to create a plush effect. While the trend works with any color, it feels even more seasonal in a silvery gray hue. To give your look even more appeal, go for long, square-shaped extensions.

Pantone Nail Art

Pantone’s color of the year has 2024 already off to a strong start. Despite its warm hue, peach fuzz is a great option for winter manicures. If you’re looking for a fun way to embrace the shade, consider this set the one for you. It features a mix of French tips, solid nails, and a detailed, hand-painted design.

Icy Blue

Like velvet nails, this design embraces the cozy elements of the season. Instead of a magnetic polish, it uses an icy-cool blue that has a matte finish. The color alone is perfect for winter, but the glitter dusting makes it stand out. Not only does it add a textural component to your set, but it gives them a snowy feel.

Marble Latte Nails

If you’re still craving latte nail looks, you’re in luck. The trend is still going strong and it’s not hard to see why. With coffee colors, the look is fitting for January’s bitter cold. Instead of sporting a solid manicure, try using multiple café-inspired shade for a cool, marbled design. This set blends a caramel-toned polish with a milky white and is even better than the frothy beverage.

Dainty Florals

OK, florals for spring may not be groundbreaking — but in January, the look is downright revolutionary. This manicure cleverly mixes tiny snowflakes with fresh blossoms for a wintery feel. The base is also apt for the season, blurring the line between transparent and milky finishes to amp up frosty vibes.

Soft Lavender

Lighter nail colors work extremely well in January. Take this pastel lavender shade, for example. Its soft nature instantly evokes a cuddly sweater or fuzzy scarf in the same hue. This solid manicure features short nails, but the look would be equally stunning on any length.

Wintery Double Ombré

If you haven’t hopped on the double ombré look, now’s the time to do so. The trend swept the internet during the fall and is still one of the most enticing ways to wear a French manicure. This set seamlessly blends a deep emerald color with a crisp white. Of course, the result is stunning. But with the high gloss finish, it’s the manicure that’s sure to unlock your main character energy.

Pearly Almonds

There’s no denying the appeal of a clean and simple manicure. Enter this pearly almond set. With its classic shape and natural length it’s the epitome of sophistication. But aside from the timeless look, it’s even easier to recreate at home. Simply coat your nails with a sheer shade, then finish them with an iridescent topcoat.

Chrome French Tips

There’s no shortage of ways to dress up a French manicure. Instead of going with an over-the-top version of the classic, why not keep things simple? This set uses a shiny, silver chrome polish to give the design a sleek look. But there’s more to this upgrade than just the metallic hue, though. The alternating mix of solid nails and French tips also makes it unique.

Negative Space

Nail designs don’t have to be dramatic to make a statement, as proven by this look. Despite its simplicity, it’s stylish and captivating. Instead of hand-painted details and loads of color, it plays into the minimalist approach and uses a nude and contrasting black polish. Even the shorter nail length adds to the understated style.