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Calling It: This Cool Hue Will Be The Next Big Manicure Color

Ice cold.

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Nail art styles come and go. Like actual art, they’re subjective and don’t always appeal to everyone. Colors, on the other hand, are a different story. Whether you prefer to incorporate them into a design or opt for a solid manicure, they can easily make or break your look. Recently, the internet has been captivated by a few hues. But as the year comes to a close, it’s exciting to see blue nails take center stage. While coffee browns and classic reds have had their moment, the emerging shade is cool-toned, bold, and extremely versatile. Put simply, it’s on track to become one of next year’s top nail polish trends.

According to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts trends forecast report, the color will have a moment in beauty next year. As far as manicures go, searches for blue nails are up 260% on the platform. Not only does the hue have a spectrum of options to choose from, but it also has a tranquil and calming appearance. Even if your go-to manicure involves classic designs, an update with this shade will put a fresh spin on your go-to look. And with winter on the horizion, blue is also ideal for seasonal looks think snowy nail art and icy chrome sets.

Ahead, 10 fun blue nail ideas that will refresh your manicure routine. From cool ombré looks to glossy short styles, finding a new favorite won’t be hard.

Robin’s Egg Blue

Despite its association with spring, this poppy color works year-round because it’s creamy, opaque, and vibrant enough to create a bold manicure. But perhaps what’s most appealing about this shade is its mood-boosting abilities. A freshly polished set can instantly uplift your day and bring a smile to your face. In short, it’s the perfect option for conquering the winter blues (no pun intended).

Blue Gradient Tips

French tips are timeless, but sometimes you need more than a new hue for the style to feel modern. This set features three leading trends and adds a fresh spin on the classic look. Instead of white tips, it blends bright blue polishes and crystal clear sculptures. The result is a cool, textural and ombré design that feels frigid and blazing hot at the same time.

Blue Chrome

In case you were wondering, the chrome trend is still going strong. When paired with a simple light blue polish, it creates a wintery look. You could simply wear a glazed solid manicure, but nail art will give you a festive feel. Try drawing a few simple snowflakes on each finger with a complementing blue color or a glittery polish. You don’t even have to worry about straight lines. Imperfections are what make snowflakes special and unique.

Blue Lapis

There’s more depth to dark blue than navy. For those who prefer to lean into moody polishes, this rich lapis is the ideal shade. The color blends purple, gray, and blue undertones for a unique mix. Designs are fun, but this striking hue brings the drama with little effort. Just a few coats and some gloss are all that’s needed to make it stand-out.

Cobalt Blue

Almond-shaped nails elongate the fingers and always deliver a show-stopping mani. But when painted with a vivid cobalt shade, the effect is amplified. With this set, precision is essential. To get the best result, look for a creamy polish with intense pigments. Then, be sure to paint two coats to create a completely opaque look.

Upside Down French

According to experts, the upside-down French manicure is slated to return in 2024. Think of this unique look as the cool cousin to the half-moon design. Instead of a curved shape to accent the nail’s lunula, it uses a tiny pyramid. If you really want to make the manicure stand out, opt for a saturated inky blue and high-gloss topcoat.

Watercolor Butterflies

Is there ever a bad time for butterfly nail art? Even if you’re not a Mariah Carey-level fan, you can lean into this beautiful manicure. Each fingernail is hand-painted with a range of blues to mimic the look of ocean waves. On top of that, a few butterflies float across the design. The final look will have you dreaming of serene beaches and planning your next getaway.

Icy Blue-Gray

The simplicity of glossy short nails can’t be beat. Sure, licorice-colored polishes are attractive and will always be a winter staple. However, a clean manicure makes a case for icy shades like this cool blue-gray hue. On freshly groomed fingernails, it feels sophisticated and trendy.

Blue Glitter

‘Tis the season for festive and sparkly beauty looks. Though red and green are the traditional holiday colors, a shimmering blue shade makes a fun alternative. A full-on glitter manicure can be hard to pull off. But a mix-and-match version makes things easy. Instead of painting a solid set, try adding a different design to each nail. The nude backdrop will help ground the look and keep it from being too over the top.

Deep French Tips

Turns out royal blue makes just as good of a French manicure as a crisp white polish. This set uses the hue to create a deep French design on long square nails. The key to making this manicure feel fresh? Use a soft nude shade as the base. Not only does this create a nice contrast, but it will give the overall look a natural feel.

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