Celebrities Are Putting Their Own Spins On The Messy Bun — & These 8 Are Worth Copying

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Hailey Baldwin often rocks a bun hairstyle and quarantine has been no exception.

Is anyone else super bored of their quarantine hairstyle? There are only so many ponytails and buns you can do until it all starts looking the same. But, if you didn't think you could switch up your hair anymore than you already have, these messy bun ideas from celebrities will give your current updo a run for its money.

Buns are great, but for some reason quarantine has made hairstyles feel stale a lot faster — actually scratch that — quarantine has made hair in general feel boring. Everywhere you look, a celeb or friend (or maybe even you) has resorted to cutting and coloring their own hair. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep things fresh without turning to dye or scissors, even if you've already twisted your bun in a million different ways.

In terms of ways to change things up, there have been a few ideas surfacing on Instagram lately that are super easy to copy. If you’re sick of looking at one basic bun all week long, try creating two a la Tracee Ellis Ross, or if you can’t be bothered to stray from your go-to, try adding an accessory like Hailey Baldwin. The possibilities are endless, and there's nothing like a little celeb inspiration to really jog your creativity.

Ahead, eight messy bun looks that'll help spice up your quarantine hairstyle.

Chrissy's Voluminous Messy Bun

Instead of wrapping it around the base of the hair tie, Teigen pulled her hair halfway through to create this voluminous messy bun. It's an unbelievably easy tweak to a regular bun that will help you make a lazy-day hairstyle look way more fun.

Bella Hadid's Messy Bun and Bangs

An Instagram post from Hadid hinted at what appeared to be freshly DIYed bangs, which she shared alongside of a screenshot of Audrey Hepburn cutting her hair from the movie Roman Holiday. Hadid's hair was pulled back and fountained out at the crown of her head for an early 2000s-reminiscent look that's definitely worthy of copying.

Hailey Baldwin's Sweatband Messy Bun

If the queen of buns is wearing one, it probably means sweatbands are back *and* now considered stylish, which is pretty exciting. Baldwin's hair was pulled straight back and up and then topped off with a band from Nike. It's like a street style look, but for your house.

Tracee Ellis Ross' Space Buns

Hair doesn't get more fun than space buns, and Ross is proof. Her choice of hairstyle was the perfect funky accent to her bright blue Carbon38 attire she rocked in a workout she shared on Instagram. To get a similar look, simply separate your hair into two equal pigtails, then wrap them up high into two separate buns on each side of your head — done!

Kourtney Kardashian's Classic Low Bun

Maybe the cause of your hair burnout is from you investing *too* much time into swapping styles in and out. Kardashian's rendition of this classic bun proves how timeless it is. And not only is it easy, but it looks chic and gives you and your hair a break, too.

Camila Cabello's Wispy Messy Bun

It's impressive how pulling out a few strands from all around your head instantly makes a messy bun 10 times cuter. No one can be sure of the exact science, but next time you do a basic bun, tease out some face-framing pieces like Cabello did here and you'll see how transformative it is.

Jennifer Garner's Half-Up Messy Bun

Let half of your hair chill and bring the top half up for a style that feels different and fresh, but only takes two minutes to do and uses little to no hair product. Even people who aren't fans of daily updos will be convinced to try Garner's mini messy bun.

Mariah Carey's Silky Curls Bun

Carey's gorgeous curls show just how flawlessly fabulous a messy bun can look without agonizing effort. Run a little bit of shine spray or oil through your hair and toss it up into a quick chignon — the trick to a perfect messy bun is focusing on making it not look perfect.

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