This Is The Perfect Work-From-Home Hairstyle, According To Hailey Baldwin

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Hailey Baldwin's slicked-back buns and Kendall Jenner's claw clip twist are the epitome of lazy-day ...

If February runways taught us only one thing, it's that lazy-day hairstyles have become a bonafide fashion statement. With painless ponytails, messy half-up buns, and accessories aplenty to choose from, your work-from-home days should never lack chicness again.

But while low-maintenance hair has indeed been the talk of 2020 Fashion Weeks — Chanel's tousled half-up looks, Stella McCartney's minimalist-friendly tiebacks, Dior's headscarves, and so forth — the lazy-girl look is certainly not a new thing. Take it from the French, who've been styling yesterday's washes in impossibly vogueish ways for decades.

Wavy tendrils, teased twists, and jersey headbands have been around forever. All it took was a stamp of approval from Bella Hadid for the rest of us to tune in. She and her fellow street style queens — Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Yara Shahidi, to name a few — are singlehandedly making lazy-day hair a thing.

And with the abundance of scrunchies, barrettes, bandanas, and clips at our fingertips nowadays, hair is but an afterthought to the accessory anyway. So why even bother fixing it? Five fuss-free hairstyles to flag for your next day away from the office, ahead.

Scrunchie-Clad Low Bun

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It's amazing what a $5 scrunchie can do for an otherwise boring old bun. Hailey Baldwin must have hundreds of them in her arsenal because the model's I-woke-up-like-this aesthetic relies upon them. When she's not pulling her blonde hair up into a topknot or a wavy '90s pony, she's slicking it down into a sleek low, scrunchie-clad bun.

Pulled Back With A Headband

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Headbands are having a major moment. They're surfacing in all shapes and sizes, from Kate Middleton-inspired padded types to the jersey kind you once wore to high school volleyball practice. Never has an athletic accessory looked as chic as when Bella Hadid sported this stretchy headband with a double-breasted blazer and cream slacks.

Front Bun

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The front bun is a curly girl's best friend and Yara Shahidi is the queen of it. She often wears her coveted spirals bundled up atop her head, bangs down, tendrils framing her face. A reverse loop bun can sometimes give you this effect. Otherwise, you can pull it into a high pony, then secure with bobby pins.

Claw Clip Twist

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There never was a more '90s hairstyle than the claw clip twist. Remember how Rachel Green used to wear this easy updo constantly on Friends? Thanks to Kendall Jenner (and co.), the retro clip is back again and it's the simplest accessory in the world to work with. Bonus points for wispy face-framing tendrils in that unmistakable '90s style.

Half Up With A Bow

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Then there's the cheerleader bow. Big and bold, add it to any ponytail or, in Hilary Duff's case, a half-up, half-down style to revitalize yesterday's blowout. This is the look you're most likely rocking right now anyway, so you may as well make it fashion by incorporating a strand of spare ribbon.

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