10 Minimalist Nail Art Ideas You Can Easily DIY At Home

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Minimalist nail art ideas, like this black line manicure, are so easy to DIY at home
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No shame if you've lost count of what number today is of social distancing, but if staring out the window and finding obscure indie films on Netflix have become your main hobbies, it might be time for a little refresh. A house-friendly activity that'll kill boredom and offer instant gratification? Mastering the manicure. And these minimalist nail art ideas will inspire you to sharpen your manicure skills to the point where you can (maybe) put them on your résumé.

While you can’t deny the cool factor of intricate flowers, tiny Picasso-like faces, and other tricked-out designs, those are usually best saved for the pros back at the salon. But you're in luck, because the designs falling on the minimal side of the spectrum are currently what you'll find trending all over your Instagram feed and even on the red carpets. If your nails are long overdue for a fresh paint job, you can easily DIY your own manicure at home, and it makes things a lot simpler when you have these subtle and stylish examples to recreate.

Grab your files and favorite polish colors and start brushing up on your nail-painting abilities. Ahead, you’ll find minimalist designs that leave a bold impression to give you your manicure fix right at home.

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Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Spotlight Simple Dots

Adding a small white dot bottom-center is a minimalist-approved way to make a statement, and it's easy to do. Use a pin head, nail head, dotting tool, or simply the nail polish brush to paint a small circle. Finish it off with a top coat and you're golden.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Statement Half Moons

These pretty half-moon nails amp up this classic, neutral mani. Instead of resorting to one swatch in a single hue, you can get a color fix from two shades instead.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Thin Single Stripes

With a nail pen, you can draw a small thin line in different directions on each of your nails for a look that's intentional, but doesn't need to be perfect. If you don't have a nail pen or thin brush, just use tape to create a line.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Tiny Scattered Rhinestones

No need to measure anything out, or stress over if the rhinestones are centered for this manicure. Simply paint your nails with a clear coat and place a faux gem in a different spot on each nail. It's the perfect touch of springtime sparkle if you're not a fan of full-blown glitter.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Neutral Nude Tips

Slanting the color on the tips of your nails takes off any pressure to draw a perfect curved line. The use of a subdued nude shade makes it look unique and natural at the same time.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Small Black Stripe

Black polish looks chic and refined when it's used sparingly. You can apply stickers to get a perfect line, or even tape, but for an edgier look you can just freehand it.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Easy Ombré

A recent trend that's blown up in popularity for both brands and nail artists alike is this subtle ombré manicure. All it takes to complete is a gradient of five colors, and there's no need for fancy tools or a super-steady hand. There are even a variety of sets now available to make this mani even simpler.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Half and Half

To get this edgy, minimal nail design, simply cover up half of your nail with a piece of tape, then paint the uncovered side. Let it dry, then peel the tape away and finish with a top coat. Easy and sleek!

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Simple Double Stripes

The best part about these lines is you just have to follow the natural curve of your finger. Select two colors and use a thin brush to paint them on.

Minimalist Nail Art Idea: Wavy Statement Nails

Spice up a neutral base with a thick wavy line that borders the left and top of your nail. Because of the curves, you won't break a sweat trying to get a perfectly straight line. To keep it minimal, reserve the line for just a few of your nails.

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