Yep, You’ll Still Be Seeing French Manis In 2020

by Jessica DeFino

Next year will be the year of low-maintenance manicures. How can I be so sure? Because almost all of the 2020 nail art trends pros are predicting for the year ahead feature a healthy amount of negative space nails — all the better for the growing-out phase, of course.

“Everyone is looking for simplicity, but also fun and creative designs with nail art,” Molly Romah, the lead nail technician at Chillhouse in New York City, tells The Zoe Report. Her favorite nail art of the moment is what Chillhouse has dubbed “The Cleo,” an abstract smattering of layered metallic circles atop a clear coat of polish. The vibe is a little futuristic, a little ‘70s — and somehow, still very now. As January approaches, you can also expect to see a subtle amount of sparkle adorning the fingertips of trendsetters everywhere. These days, “glitter is considered a neutral,” Mazz Hanna, a celebrity nail artist who works with Julia Roberts and the founder of her namesake nail care line, tells The Zoe Report. And honestly, who would argue with that? But although glitter may be a new neutral, but it’s still one to use sparingly — just sprinkling at the tip of a French manicure will do.

Ahead, discover the eight nail art trends to know now — because in 2020, they’ll be everywhere.

2020 Nail Art Trend: Abstract Dots


“This look is very sophisticated and looks so chic,” Romah says. It’s also easy to execute at home. “Use a pen or bobby-pins for the dots, and don't stress if they don't look exactly like your inspiration photo. Practice makes perfect.”

2020 Nail Art Trend: Glittery French

There’s no doubt that the French manicure dominated 2019. The trend will definitely stick around in 2020, but with a futuristic spin: Expect to see metallic tips (and maybe even a matching “reverse French, a la this mani on TZR's own Site Director, Lauren Caruso).

2020 Nail Art Trend: Shimmery Wash


“Glitter ombre nails are my go-to,” says Hanna. For a 2020 take on the trend, start applying shimmery polish about a third of the way up from your nail beds. So long as you have a chip-proof top coat, this mani will wear well for weeks.

2020 Nail Art Trend: Crystal Accents


“When adding crystals, I always like to use the smallest crystals, this way it looks elegant and won’t overpower your nail,” Betina Goldstein, an editorial manicurist and the founder of Doublemoss Jewelry, tells The Zoe Report of her top 2020 nail art trend. Grab the new Orly x Mazz Hanna Crystal-Infused Manicure Kit to get the look at home.

2020 Nail Art Trend: Celestial Skies


Stars, moons, and all manner of celestial beings are set to take over for 2020 — a heavenly look, indeed.

2020 Nail Art Trend: Half-Printed


Again, low-maintenance is the name of the game — even when it comes to over-the-top nail art. Ground a showy leopard print by reserving it for the top half of your nails only.

2020 Nail Art Trend: Two-Tone


Chillhouse has christened this look “That 70's Chill,” and for good reason. “It only uses two colors, but will still give you a cool, retro vibe,” Romah says. She’s particularly into the two-tone style because it “can be done on nail size, shape, or length.”

2020 Nail Art Trend: Half-Painted


Do two-tone nails feel like one-tone too many? Consider this look from Goldstein: Paint just half of your nail, length-wise, in a muted burgundy shade and let the other half breathe. “When topped off with a matte top coat, it gives the texture and appearance of a lush velvet ribbon,” she says.