The March Nail Designs That Are Holding Absolutely Nothing Back

Courtesy of Essie

Goodbye to the days of keeping it minimal, and hello to a month of going all out. From ornate jewels to gold flakes, March 2020's best nail art designs are about stepping out of the box and into the realm of both literal and abstract art with bright colors and boundless adornments.

But I guess it's a testament to what usually happens around this time of year. As the muted colors and predictable nudes that we've embraced over the past few months begin to be replaced by high-octane neons, glitter, and in-your-face color combos, there's no better time than the present to take it a step further with your mani game. And Aja Walton, editorial nail artist, agrees — March is the month to awaken loads of creativity. "Nail trends that offer texture or color effects are always an exciting break from the traditional manicure," she says. "The eye tends to linger on subjects that it doesn't comprehend and will often catch the attention of many. I believe March will bring new creative variations by creating shapes and designs with a sense of depth. This upcoming season for nails will be about juxtaposition."

And Ella Nguyen, founder of Leapia Nail Art Lounge in New York City shares those sentiments. "One of my regular clients actually just came in and said, 'It's March, I just want pink.' With daylight savings kicking in, we may lose one hour of sleep, but we gain more cheerfulness and it goes hand in hand with the psychology of nails."

So ahead, check out the latest nail trends that will get you out of that late winter funk, and into channeling your most spirited self.

March 2020 Nail Design: Typography Nails

"Typography on nails is a great way to create customized sets," Walton says. "My client wanted to use her initials and birth year in the popular old english font. A candy apple red was painted as base across all the nails. I then used images of old english type, a liner brush and black art gel."

March 2020 Nail Design: Pierced Tips

"The lead nail artist for this look, Miss Pop came up with this punk look for the Monse Fall/Winter 2020 collection," Walton says. "Many of the pieces in the collection are adorned with safety pins so metal jump rings were used to give the nails a similar vibe. To execute this look, use a manual hand drill (with caution) to screw a small hole in the top or side of a nail extension (avoid piercing real nails). Make sure not to open too wide as it will cause the ring to lose its shape. Essie’s Berry Naughty was used underneath a matte top coat to finish but any dark color can be used to recreate a punk aesthetic."

March 2020 Nail Design: Modern Florals

"Usually the first signs of spring come from the peaking sun," Nguyen says. "The welcoming of bright colors flowers signify what is to come. A new transition, if you will. The cherry blossoms are also preparing to bloom so we'll be seeing a lot of those designs. Additionally, we can't forget we're approaching wedding season and brides will be looking to coordinate with their flowers."

March 2020 Nail Design: Two-Toned Tips

With french manicures reaching a serious revival, the era of those typical white square tips is taking a backseat. Now, aside from tips getting ornate designs, many artists are switching up the colors on each hand for an even more unexpected twist. Pro tip: If you want to recreate at home, simply purchase french manicure nail stickers, place as desired and paint with two different colors.

March 2020 Nail Design: Gold Flakes

While not a new concept, the elegant addition is being layered on top of other designs such as marbled paint and crystals for a dimensional finish that takes lacks continuity, yet makes a major statement. Whether on toward the tips, or all over the nail, the flakes are worthy of some serious praise.

"Gold is always a go-to for accents, especially with foil," Nguyen says. "Women wear a lot of gold jewelry, and when they're looking for that monochromatic look, this helps."