This New Nude Nail Polish Collection Has Everything You Need To Recreate The Ombré Manicure Trend

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Nails.INC's New Keep It Tonal Nail Polish Collection Has Four Hues
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Out of the numerous nail trends that took Instagram by storm in 2019, the ombré manicure — painting each nail with varying gradients — looks like it's staying through 2020. Along with its major DIY capability, people can't get enough of the multi-toned look because of the countless shade options it provides. Which, speaking from experience, is also where executing the mani can get overwhelming. So instead of brainstorming, testing, and finally committing to which colors you think will work, just look to Nails.INC's new Keep It Tonal collection — it'll keep you on trend without having to stress over choosing from endless color options.

Though spring is around the corner, the $22 collection features four traditional fall hues in a fast-drying, vegan, and cruelty-free formula. The darkest two shades — Chamomile Street and Beech Gardens — are mocha and khaki tones, respectively, while Mansion House Street adds a subtle hint of color with a darker, burnt orange finish. The last in the gradient is French Ordinary Court, a light-gray neutral that completes the collection as a seamless blend of minimalist hues.

Judging from the bottled colors, it might not look like the hues do, in fact, seamlessly blend; but, rest assured, they do. While the original ombré style started with one shade that progressively became darker or lighter, people have been creating their gradients with larger steps between colors (think editorial nail designer Betina Goldstein's "green thumb" mani). Which is why these tonally similar colors, although not versions of the same hue, work for an ombré mani.


These colors aren't just good for one thing and one thing only, though. If donning a different shade on each nail isn't your type of ombré, opt for another gradient trend made popular by J.Lo: the ombré French manicure. By now, you've probably seen the classic French manicure cropping up on celebrities' hands from Beyoncé to Margot Robbie, but J.Lo's version of the style is modern and minimal — perfect for Nails.INC's subdued hues. Rather than simply lining the tip of the nail, subtly pull the shade down the nail bed until it disappears, and voilà, you're *basically* J.Lo — or at the very least, trendy.

And if ombré isn't even your thing at all, each of the shades look equally as good by themselves as they do together. Below, the Keep It Tonal collection that you can snag right now on Nails.INC's website or sephora.com.

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