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Watermelon Nails Are The Juiciest Way To Welcome Summer

Refreshing and sweet.

watermelon nail design ideas

There are certain nail looks that completely embody the feeling of a season. Whether it’s a moody manicure that complements the dark and cold days of winter, or blooming flowers that celebrate the rebirth that occurs in spring. Although these are pretty solid examples, this summer’s watermelon nail designs take the cake as the most seasonal art around. The trend, which features the nail decorated as a juicy slice of the fruit, incorporates all the components that make watermelon so enticing during the warm months. From the brightly-colored flesh to the dark black seeds and green rind, the design captures one of the most loved elements of summer.

As you can imagine, the internet is currently swooning over all things watermelon nails, but for good reason. With a range of options that include full nail art, simplified designs, and even solid colors inspired by the fruit, this trend has something for every manicure style. This means, even minimalists will want to hop on board. With a sea of inspiration on Instagram, it’s not hard to find a look you’ll love. But if you’re currently making an effort to minimize your screen time, ahead, find 10 of best watermelon nail designs to celebrate summer’s favorite fruit.


Come summer, it’s not uncommon to see people sprinkling sugar (or salt for that matter) on watermelon to bring out the sweet melon taste. Think of this nail design as an ode to those slices. The reflective topcoat gives each nail a sugar-coated look that’s seasonal and delicious.


For the minimalist looking to participate in the trend, a watermelon-inspired French manicure is simple but chic. Using just the colors and the signature pink gradient associated with the fruit, it gives the illusion of a seedless slice, that gives the classic nail design a modern feel.

Just A Slice

Maybe you’re not completely ready for a full set of fruity nails. No problem, as an accent nail is a subtle way to lean into the trend. Set against a single nude nail in a cherry red set, this watermelon slice is a subtle way to enjoy the trend without completely diving in.

Watermelon Tips

Nude nails are the perfect backdrop for getting creative. If you love a flesh-toned manicure, try adding half-moon-shaped slices to the tips for a creative twist. The key to nailing this look is to ensure that the design is created on an angle that gives the appearance of large juicy slices.

Coordinating Colors

Is it really summer without a neon manicure? If that’s your mantra for the season, look no further than the vibrant shades of watermelon to inspire the colors for your next set. Neon pinks and lime green give a fun feeling to these nails. But to make sure the inspiration is clear, keep one nail nude to feature a piece of the fruit.

Fruit & Florals

Florals are another favorable design of the season, so pairing them with watermelon art feels timely and authentic. For a fun, bold, try creating an appliqué design made of blossoms and fruit slices. Whether on a few nails or the whole hand this manicure is bound to uplift your mood every time you look down.

Scattered Slices

This trend is all about having fun, so get creative with the placement of your slices to create a one-of-a-kind look. A scattered look like this one is especially appealing on long nails — without looking too over the top.

High-Gloss Finish

Give your nails the ultimate watermelon look with a glossy topcoat that mimics the glistening freshness of the fruit. As an added bonus, it will also enhance the colors for a brighter look.

Watermelon Aura

Tap into one of the summer’s biggest nail trends with this watermelon-inspired aura nail design. The look uses most of the nail’s surface to materialize the aura with shades of pink and white melded together and glimmering touches. However, it still leans into the juicy trend with a strip of green placed at the base of the nail to tie the look together.

Textured Effect

Just as enticing as the fruit itself, the rind of the watermelon is a smattering of green shades that deserve to be included in this nail trend. Instead of opting for a simple strip of green, try a blended design that emphasizes the beautiful tones of the rind.