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10 Pretty Floral Nail Designs To Try This Spring

‘Tis the season.


Spring is the season of rebirth and nothing signals its arrival more than blooming flowers. Whether it’s clothing, a fragrance, or a fresh bouquet in your home, the inspiration for floral nail art is seemingly endless. Ahead, are 10 pretty manicure ideas to help you stylishly usher in the season.

English Lavender

In the midst of purple becoming one of the season's biggest hues, this lavender-inspired manicure feels right at home. Against a nude base color, the painted flowers have a blooming effect that is intricate yet unfussy.

Invisible Cherry Blossoms

Much like the flower itself, this cherry blossom manicure is a beautiful way to embrace the arrival of spring. Instead of a full opaque design, these are delicately outlined giving them an invisible allure similar to the trending French style.

Flower Power French Tips

Spring is synonymous with color. But manicure minimalists who prefer neutral palates can also bring seasonal floral designs to their nails by adding simple art to classic French manicure.

Peachy Florals

Pastel colors are a no-brainer for spring manicures, but with the addition of floral designs on bare nails, this look feels even more seasonal. For a unique take, paint a few solid-painted nails and French tips in the same peachy shade.

Tropical Bouquet

Flower nail art doesn’t always have to be minimalist. This maximalist approach features a wallpaper-like design that is ideal for those who have an affinity for green plants and a more-is-more motto.

Ombré Pink

The natural shape of almond nails provides the perfect base for this ombré pink design dotted with daisies. For this look, you’ll want to choose pink tones that blend nicely with natural shades and ensure that your cuticles are groomed and healthy.

Patch Of Daisies

If an all-over floral print seems intense, try adding a single design to just one nail. Here, a simple patch of daisies on a sunny green backdrop gives spring flowers a cool, artistic aesthetic.

Blueberry Blossoms

From strappy dresses and skirts, the ditsy floral print is a seasonal staple that can also extend to your manicure. This pattern is composed of tiny blossoms and flower buds on a blue-tinted base for an elevated look.

Rainbow Floral French

The rainbow French manicure becomes spring-ready with floral accents and pastel tips. To really make your flowers pop against the colored tips, use bright polish shades such as red or yellow to fill them in.


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