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This Buzzy Nail Trend Is The Coolest Way To Experiment With Color This Fall

Groovy, baby.

aura nails

It might feel like summer died with Labor Day weekend, but the final days of September mark the actual end of the season — and the official start of fall. Now is the time to bust out your fall nail shades like chocolatey browns, gorgeous greens, and rich plums, all of which are poised to be major nail color trends in the coming months. For those who love to experiment with bold colors, aura nails are the way to go. The style is meant to emulate aura-reading photographs, which show hazy bursts of color said to represent an individual’s inner energy. Celebrities like Cardi B have been loving the trend, and it's probably all over your Instagram feed as well.

If you’re still riding the French manicure train, you’re certainly not alone. The Y2K look continues to be wildly popular, and it’s super easy to change up for the new season. Rather than neons, create a rainbow of muted jewel tones, chrome finishes, or warm neutrals. You can also go the embellished route if you’re craving a little extra sparkle. For the minimalists, try a simple black gradient look that happens to be perfect for short nails.

Ahead, get all the fall nail inspo you need with Team TZR’s picks for the best new nails of the week.

Candy Chrome Tips

“This manicure feels like a perfect storm of trends: the Hailey Bieber chrome look, seasonal jewel tones, and French tips — with a diagonal twist. To me, it looks like pretty-packaged candy, perfect for the upcoming party season.” — Amanda Ross, beauty editor

Collage Nails

“Abstract swirls of color, texture, and finish are one of the easiest — but most striking — ways to do nail art. This collage mani is an artistic blend of paint-like strokes and flashes of glitter, but the (intentionally) haphazard placement makes DIY recreation within reach.” — AR

Muted Rainbow Tips

“I’m still a major fan of the colorful French tip trend, and this fall color palette has me absolutely swooning. I can’t wait to try this out on shorter, squoval nails this season.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor

Aura Nails

“This circle gradient trend, aka aura nails, is so chic, and the color combinations are endless. This purple and pink rendition will look amazing with a crisp white shirt and jeans.” — HB

Black Ombré

“Nails were definitely not an afterthought to the beauty aesthetic of Peter Do’s spring/summer 2023 runway show. The black ombré nails on the models resembled grease-dipped tips, in line with the sleek, straight hair and fluid, androgynous silhouettes of the ready-to-wear — both men’s and women’s — that walked down the runway.” — Kathy Lee, editor-in-chief

Minor Details

“If French tip nails feel a bit too exact for your taste, opt for delicate, imperfect lines of your two favorite colors with plenty of negative space. I love how the nude shade dominates and the addition of color is subtle.” — KL

Embellished French

“I don’t know what I love more: The squared-off ‘90s shape, the classic white French tip, or the bedazzled finish. I love the simplicity, and love this look for the upcoming holiday season. I’ll definitely keep it in rotation.” — Angela Melero, executive editor

Purple Negative Space

“This mani reminds me of Mary Janes, my all-time favorite fall footwear. So, it makes sense that it speaks to my heart, especially when displayed in a vibrant purple shade.” — AM

Just A Hint Of Sparkle

“I’m usually a strictly neutral nails kind of lady, but jewelry designer Bliss Lau’s subtle streaks of silver have me reconsidering my stance. I love how the teeny hint of bling (note how it’s balanced out by soft grey) is certainly party-ready, but won’t feel conspicuous during the day.” — Alison Syrett, deputy fashion editor

Chrome Gradient Nails

“This manicure just screams fall. I love this take on the viral chrome nail trend, and especially love the bright copper tones that almost look like fall leaves.” — Catherine Santino, beauty news writer