Priyanka Chopra’s Twist On The Green Nail Craze Was Made For Minimalists

Electric yet elegant.

Pierre Suu/GC Images/Getty Images
PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 07: Priyanka Chopra is seen strolling near the Place Vendome on June 07, 2022 i...

Somehow, between her long list of industry commitments and the endless work required of a new mother, Priyanka Chopra still manages to find the time to participate in the season’s biggest beauty trends. What sets the Matrix Resurrections star apart, though, is the casual elegance with which she adopts those trends. Chopra’s own personal style is one that makes it clear: she’s arriving at these trends naturally, on her own, and putting her own distinct spin on them in the process. Just look at Priyanka Chopra’s green French tip nails — yes, the color green itself is undoubtedly having a serious moment in the sun, but her version is so different from those favored by her Hollywood peers.

In a sweet new photo shared to her Instagram Story, a hint of Chopra’s line-green French tips are wrapped lovingly around her new baby with husband Nick Jonas. Outfitted in her signature breezy neutrals and warm highlights, Chopra looks utterly serene. Interestingly, it looks like she’s into the ever-popular square- or coffin-shaped manicure, with diagonal lime tips painted over a neutral base shade. These days, Chopra and Jonas (and their little one) keep a relatively low profile, which makes spotting her new beauty favorites all the more exciting.

With Chopra’s participation in the trend, bright green nails have become a full-blown craze among stylish stars. Selena Gomez was one of the first to make headlines with an electric green manicure, and this summer saw everyone from Simone Ashley to Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner, but always with some slight variation. Ashley keeps the neon color concentrated on her pedicure, while Jenner, Lipa, Kourtney Kardashian, and Zoë Kravitz have all proven that different shades of bold green (including rich emerald, forest, and money green) can be just as commanding.

As the seasons slowly but surely change, this no-mans-land in-between period is always ideal for reevaluating your own color palette. There are absolutely no rules — neons can look just as at home in a fall ‘fit as on the beach, but there are also more typical season-specific colors you can swap out for their summer counterparts. Either way, a celebrity like Priyanka Chopra is always a great example — even when getting in on hyper-trendy looks, she always finds a way to give it her special stamp.