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Move Over Glazed Donut Nails — Unicorn Chrome Manis Are Here To Stay

Meet your new fall aesthetic.

chrome nail design

It hardly seems possible but the unofficial final weekend of summer is here and it seems like everyone is rushing to get out of town one last time before the temperatures start to drop. For the beauty aficionados in the crowd, that means getting a spectacular manicure for the long weekend is most definitely in order. Fall’s biggest nail trends are all about warm and cozy colors like muted greens, rich chocolate browns, and rusty reds, but fashion-forward looks like chrome nail designs and Barbiecore pinks are also making the rounds among the sartorial set. No matter what variation on the celebrity-favorite chrome look (Hailey Bieber is a major fan) or a chic ombré is your aesthetic, there’s no shortage of nail inspiration for your upcoming travels. Even if you’re not one for a super long or dramatic nail look, celebrity nail artists are turning out some seriously swoon-worthy looks.

Whether you’re spending the weekend recharging at home or you’re venturing off on a luxe St. Bart’s sojourn to live among the glitterati for your Labor Day plans, you 100% deserve a manicure that captures the essence of remaining summer fun. Keep reading to discover team TZR’s top ten nail looks of the week, and be sure to treat yourself to a fresh design to welcome the fall season.

Chocolate Brown Nails

“I’m usually not the biggest fan of dark nail polish shades, but as the fall season draws nearer I’m instinctively drawn to richer hues and this chocolate brown manicure is doing it for me. It’s one step away from black but the warmth of the color still comes through and it has just the right amount of glossiness. I’m calling it now, this will be my first fall manicure.” —Annie Blay, associate beauty news editor

Rose Latté Nails

“Despite the still-scorching weather, I lean hard into fall right after Labor Day. This pink ombré mani feels like a nice way to soft launch into the new season. There’s still a lighthearted ode to one of the biggest colors of summer, but in a more subtle, fall-forward way.” — Angela Melero, executive editor

Half Moon Tortoise Nails

“There’s something so chic and timeless about tortoise, especially for fall. I love this half-moon shape, plus the little butterfly decal is super cute.” — Catherine Santino, beauty news writer, TZR

Red Chrome Nails

“The glazed donut trend but make it red? Yes, please. This is the perfect manicure to transition to fall, and I have a feeling it’ll make a big appearance around the holidays as well.” — CS

Mixed Metals Chrome

“This minimalist take on chrome nails also spotlights the micro French manicure trend in such a subtle but super stunning way. I can’t wait to recreate it for fall.” — Hannah Baxter, deputy beauty editor, TZR

‘90s Graphic Nails

“Even if you’re not a soccer fan, you can appreciate Imarni’s cool graphic manicure for Michy Batshuayi, complete with flames, text, a smiley face, and alien head. Nail stickers would also make this ‘90s-inspired look super easy to DIY.” — HB

Unicorn Chrome Nails

“I’m fully obsessed with the chrome nail trend, and I’d love to try this unicorn colorway. It’s the perfect glossy accessory to any end-of-summer outfit.” — Maggie Haddad, senior social media strategist, TZR

Multicolor Sparkles

“With a skinny brush, this sparkle look will be super easy to recreate. I’d love to try this out with moodier fall shades as well.” — MH

Mushroom Magic Nails

“I love the vibe of the magic mushroom motifs right now— so in line with the ‘70s-everything trend. But my favorite part of this sweet, happy manicure is the way it incorporates fall-friendly shades of groovy colors: a faded indigo rather than a bold blue, marigold instead of neon yellow. It’s like the perfect transitional nail art to close out the season.” — Amanda Ross, beauty news writer, TZR

Cat Claws

“My obsession with cats (my own and others) knows no bounds: pens, phone cases, clothes, jewelry, everything — this “children’s” Gucci bag featuring a creepy cat family is first on my fall hit list. Naturally, cat-printed nails are as adorable as they sound, and I love the way they’re painted so small against a transparent nude background. It somehow makes kitty-cat print nails seem neutral and minimalist.” — AR