Hannah Bronfman Reveals The Must-Have Products In Her Nighttime Routine

Her skin is the definition of glowing.

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Though she’s only 33-years old, Hannah Bronfman has built a successful, modern day empire by herself. She’s a recognized DJ, founder of wellness blog HBFIT, author of Do What Feels Good, content creator, and a new mother. Not to mention, the New Yorker is quite the beauty guru — which you might have noticed from her Instagram shelfies or behind-the-scene stories bringing her followers along as she undergoes the latest new skin treatments (well, pre-pandemic). And if you’ve always wondered what the secret is to her enviable glow, well you’re in luck because Bronfman shared her nighttime skin care routine with TZR, and there were so many must-have recommendations.

As it turns out, Bronfman (who has combination skin and faces some hyperpigmentation) feels that her overall beauty routine hasn’t changed too much since becoming a mom to her five-month son Preston. Of course, carving out sufficient time to dedicate to her skin isn’t as easy these days. “My morning skin care is definitely falling to the wayside,” Bronfman tells TZR over the phone. “I've kind of tweaked my [skin care] routine to really focus on my nighttime routine.” Now, once she puts her son down at night, she’ll give herself a facial massage or takes a bath before diving into her lineup of products.

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Being pregnant during the pandemic was an interesting experience for Bronfman which is why she decided to partner with In The Know Parenting to launch Baby Banter, a video series on parenting, on May 4. “Obviously the last year has been insane and everything has been virtual, which meant that my entire pregnancy was virtual,” she explains. “I really didn't have that sense of community that I love and thrive off of. And going through something as new as pregnancy, I just felt like I wanted to connect with other moms and ask those questions I had about all of the things.”

It was important for Bronfman to hear from other women about their versions of pregnancy and motherhood. During the five-part series, Bronfman will be speaking about a variety of topics surrounding motherhood. Upcoming episodes include a conversation with celebrity physical therapist Dr. LA Thoma Gustin about exercising while pregnant, as well as advice from content creator Sai De Silva on how to balance a career.

Below, read on to see exactly what products the new mom swears by for her nighttime skin care routine, as well as her secret at-home weapon she uses to contour her face.

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Hannah Bronfman Nighttime Skin Care Routine: Double Cleanse

In the morning, Bronfman just splashes her face with some water — no cleanser necessary. “For a lot of people who have dry skin, this is a really good tip,” she notes. “Not washing my face in the morning has restored some of my natural oils, leaving my skin not so dry.” At night, however, she double cleanses her skin. “I use an oil cleanser first, and I have two oil cleansers that I love.” The first product is from Eve Lom, and Bronfman says it’s the brand’s signature OG oil cleansing capsules. When she’s not using Eve Lom, she’ll opt for Living Libation’s Best Skin Ever.

“Then for my second cleanse I use either a gel or a foam cleanser,” she explains. For gel, Bronfman opts for iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex. Alternatively, if she decides to use a foam cleanser, she goes with Cosonant Skincare’s Natural Foaming Face Wash. “Cosonant is a really chic brand from Canada that I actually discovered when I was in college, and I still use them.”

Hannah Bronfman Nighttime Skin Care Routine: Face Mist

After her double cleanse, Bronfman spritzes her face with a face mist. While they aren’t necessarily a crucial step in a skin care routine, face mists are great for achieving a dewy, hydrated complexion. And although she gravitates towards a lot of different types of mists, her current go-to is Josh Rosebrook’s Hydrating Accelerator. “I think it’s perfect for spring — it has such a beautiful floral smell,” she says. On top of its lovely scent, this mist is formulated with ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to hydrate and plump the skin.

Hannah Bronfman Nighttime Skin Care Routine: Layer On Serums

Bronfman doesn’t just stick to one serum — she likes to layer on multiple types depending on what her skin needs. “For serums, I love a hyaluronic acid [formula], and that will be the first one that I use,” she notes, adding that the buzzy ingredient helps with skin hydration. Currently, she’s using Isdin’s Isdinceutics Hyaluronic Booster Ampoules. “The ampoules last me probably three days per ampoule,” Bronfman explains. “They are great to travel with.”

Next up in her serum lineup is iS Clinical’s Super Serum Advance Plus. Made with potent antioxidants, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid, this product works to protect sun-damaged skin and reduces the appearance of acne scars and uneven pigmentation. Lastly, Bronfman applies Imbibe’s Collagen Restore Serum, which stimulates collagen and repairs tissue to revive hydrated skin thanks to the infused sea kelp.

Hannah Bronfman Nighttime Skin Care Routine: Moisturize

When it comes to moisturizing, Bronfman is currently using Bare Mineral’s Ageless Phyto-Retinol Face Cream. Its star ingredient, phyto-retinol, is a plant-based alternative to retinol that’s equally as effective, however, it doesn't cause any redness or dryness to the skin.

“Honestly, my eye creams have been changing a lot,” Bronfman explains. Lately, she’s been loving bareMinerals’ Ageless Phyto-Retinol Eye Cream and Hourglass’ Equilibrium Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm. But, it’s actually Mutha’s Up All Night Eye Cream — which she applies in the morning — that ranks number one. “It has this iridescent [tone to] it that just makes your eyes really look awake,” she explains.

Hannah Bronfman Nighttime Skin Care Routine: Microcurrent Facial Massages

When she has time at the end of the day, the entrepreneur swears by microcurrent facial massages for carving out and contouring the face. For her at-home treatments, she’s a firm believer in NuFACE’s toning device. “It really gets rid of all that puffiness,” she notes. With continued use, she says you start to see that tone in your muscles stay. Bronfman will typically use the device four times a week.

As for in-office microcurrent treatment, she’s been a devotee to SB Skin since 2015. In fact, last week was Bronfman’s first time going to the New York skin specialist since before her pregnancy. “Honestly what I love about the microcurrent facial with SB Skin and also with NuFACE which I can’t stress enough are [the] instant results.” Remember: Every mom deserves this type of quality time to pamper herself and her skin.

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