A Cleansing Balm Might Be *Exactly* What Your Skin Care Routine Is Missing

The best balm cleansers for makeup removing, dry skin, and double cleansing.

It sounds like an overstatement, but any makeup-removing woe you've faced with wipes and waters really can't stand a chance next to the best cleansing balms out there. Waterproof mascara clinging to every single lash? Foundation barely budging, no matter how hard you scrub? Feel like you've stripped away every good oil after you've cleansed? A balm cleanser won't leave you high and dry, literally. Ideal for dry, sensitive skin, the balm-to-milk formulas work wonders as the first step in double cleansing, or on days where you've layered on SPF, foundation, setting powder — etcetera.

Since oil-based cleansers basically melt through makeup, grime, pollution, and all of that sunscreen you applied in the morning, they've established themselves as pretty essential in the beauty world. However, while it's fairly easy to pick out an oil that goes well with your skin — such as sweet almond or avocado — many fan-favorite formulas include extra benefits, like additional vitamin C, exfoliation, or moisturizers. Ahead, the 13 best cleansing balms out there, so you can begin your day with hydrated skin and end it with a completely clean canvas.

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