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This Classic Nail Color Never Goes Out Of Style & These Looks Prove It

Red is always a win.

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As far as nail colors go, red is one of the most revered. Whether bright and poppy or dark and moody, the shade has a commanding presence. So much so that it became a buzzy topic on TikTok earlier this year. Perhaps you’ve heard of the red nail theory — the controversial claim that explains why the hue is so powerful. The scarlet shade has always been associated with impactful words like passion and courage, but according to TikTokers, painting your nails red is the key to boosting your confidence and can even make you appear more desirable. Viral moments aside, the warm, enticing color has remained a classic manicure choice. But while a solid set is always a showstopper, there are a plethora of fresh red nail ideas to experiment with, too.

If you’re a nail art fan, red is a great color to play with. From simple swirls to ombre, it can easily create a fun and alluring look. The vibrant hue also works exceptionally well with rhinestones. When paired together, they create a look that feels elegant and sophisticated. Still, there’s beauty in minimalism. With a single swipe of a glossy polish, your nails instantly appear glamorous.

Ahead, the best red nail looks to inspire your next manicure. Whether you like to keep it simple or go bold, finding a style you love won’t be hard.


A matte finish is an easy way to make any nail color feel fresh. Though glossy tips will always be a showstopper, this look has an edge that’s also hard to ignore. Even better? It’s simple to DIY and can instantly revitalize an old manicure.


Rhinestone nails are back in a big way. The bedazzled designs from the early 2000s are a top trend in salons. For a fresh take, try matching your gems with your polish shade. This set uses delicate rubies to elevate a simple, angled French design.

Cherry Nail Art

Designs are a fun way to break up a solid set. While there are lots of cool styles to choose from, consider taking a page out of Hailey Bieber’s book and opt for one featuring tiny cherries. The juicy fruit is the perfect complement to red nails and adds a touch of whimsy. Though Bieber paired hers with a classic French manicure, this simple look is just as swoon-worthy.

Brick Red

Moody nail polishes are still the best way to embrace the cozy season. Though black and navy are solid choices, a brick-red hue is a nice alternative. It feels inviting and warm, and it works well with any complexion. Plus, the shade is perfect for short nails. It delivers a glossy dollop of color and feels just vampy enough for fall.

Glitter Swirls

Looking for a subtle way to spice up your set? This mesmerizing design is the perfect option. It features both a shimmering and creamy red polish. For a fun twist, coat your nail with a glitter polish, then add a few swirls in a solid shade. The juxtaposition of the textures instantly creates a unique look that’s sure to turn heads.

Long Red Nails

It’s hard to deny the commanding appeal of long red nails. The bright and creamy color has a powerful effect on its own, but when paired with extra-long extensions, it’s truly irresistible. This set features a coffin shape, but several others, like almond or stiletto, will work just as well with the bold hue.

Double Ombré

You’ve probably noticed this hypnotizing design flooding your FYP. It features two complementary colors, and a double ombré technique has quickly become one of the year’s top trends. If you’ve been on the fence about testing the look, consider giving this dark red version a try. Blended with a deep burgundy polish, it has a vampy feel that’s fun and eye-catching.

Red French Tips

French manicures are timeless. While there are many cool ways to wear the design, a deep red tip is one of the most stunning. To nail this set, opt for a long square or coffin-shaped nail and choose a pinky-nude color for your base. The undertones of the shade will complement the red hue and give your manicure a subtle tonal effect.

Contrasting Flames

Matte nails aren’t for everyone. But if you love the shine-less finish, this cool flame design is made for you. The deep red base has a frosted appearance that’s striking and edgy, while the glossy swirls give it an artsy look. Just be sure to use the same color to achieve the monochromatic effect that puts this set in a league of its own.

Color Gradient

When you can’t decide on one red nail polish, why not choose them all? With this manicure, you can have your cake and eat it too. Instead of selecting your favorite shade, pick a few that range the spectrum and paint each nail a different hue. The gradient look is one of the year’s easiest trends to recreate. It may be simple, but when created with varying tones of red, it also makes a bold statement.

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