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2024’s Top Nail Trends Appeal To Every Kind Of Manicure Enthusiast

Inspiration for the 12 months ahead.

2024 nail trends
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It’s not easy to keep up with nail trends. With celebrities and Instagram creators debuting new looks daily, there’s too many manicures to track. This year alone has delivered countless viral colors, artsy designs, and even some interesting nail shapes. While 2023 was full of exciting styles, according to the experts, the next 12 months will be just as thrilling. The 2024 nail trends are offering fresh inspiration for every kind of manicure enthusiast. Whether you prefer long bedazzled extensions or short glossy gel nails, the coming year's looks are sure to pique your interest.

As far as nail polish colors are concerned, classics like fiery reds will continue to dominate. However, according to Jin Soon Choi, celebrity nail artist and founder of JINsoon, the year will also bring fun pastel hues and cool finishes. Translucent jelly polishes, sleek chrome, and milky lacquers are a few examples of what’s set to return. Nail art is another area that will continue to flourish in the new year. Though the exact designs are difficult to predict, it will be interesting to see what creators dream up with the nail shapes and lengths leaning toward a more natural aesthetic.

Below, TZR tapped three manicurists for their thoughts on the top nail trends for 2024. Read on to get an early start on the year’s soon to be biggest looks.

Nail Color Trends For 2024

The past year delivered a rainbow’s worth of trendy colors. From bright citrus hues to espresso browns and wintery sage, there were a lot of looks to choose from. That said, 2024’s top shades are also timeless. In the early months of the year, Choi tells TZR that hot reds and blushing pinks that make a bold statement will be favorable. “Classic crimson exudes sophistication and is timeless, while a fiery cherry option makes a bold statement,” she says. Rose-colored polishes have a similar effect, delivering a look that can be either delicate or vibrant. If you love the quiet luxury nail trend, she notes that a sheer version will be ideal for leaning into the aesthetic.

While these colors aren’t exactly new, celebrity nail artist Chiara Ballisai tells TZR that interesting finishes will make them feel fresh. “Instead of opaque, look for milky or jelly polish for a statement-making look,” she says. Chrome effects will also be returning in the new year. “Clear powders will give your manicure an icy appearance and spice up a simple shade,” she adds.

In addition to those colors, Ballisai predicts that nudes and pastels will be big. “Looking to the Pantone color list for inspiration is always a good place to start,” she says. Peach fuzz, a soft and calming melon shade, was recently dubbed Pantone’s Color Of The Year. That said, you can expect to see manicurists and artists getting creative with the hue throughout 2024.

Nail Design Trends For 2024

2023 was an explosive year for nail art. Whether you’re a professional technician or a DIY artist, the landscape kept the creativity flowing. However, according to the experts, it was just the beginning. “Sculptural and geometric designs are becoming increasingly popular, and I can see that continuing,” says Eunice Park, research and development manager at Aprés Nail. In a similar sentiment, Choi notes that abstract looks created with sponges will be just as sought after. “This technique is super easy and provides a versatile canvas for artistic expression, allowing for a variety of unique patterns and textures,” she says.

If over-the-top art isn’t your thing, Choi mentions that simple designs composed of lines and dots are poised to take off. “Drawing inspiration from tattoo art, cool line art looks are anticipated to make a strong statement.” The approach is not only stylish but is easy to DIY at home. Creative takes on the classic French manicure show no signs of slowing down. “New spins will include fun colors, the upside down French trend, and angular tips,” says Ballisai.

Nail Shape Trends For 2024

‘Natural’ is already one of the top beauty trends for 2024. For nails, that means embracing classic shapes and lengths. “Almond has a timeless look and is one of the most requested for solid and designed manicures,” says Ballisai. The beauty of this shape is that it can easily be adapted to fit any preference. “There a range of extensions available that vary in length so you can find the size that best fits your desires,” says Park.

If short nails are more of your vibe, you’ll be happy to know that square and oval shapes will continue to be popular. “Squoval, with short to medium lengths, are easy to manage and require less time at the salon,” says Choi.

The nail space is constantly evolving. With these top predictions, you can get a head start on the trends that will dominate the new year.