Every Major Quarantine Hair Trend Celebrities Have Tried, From Pink Dye To DIY Bangs

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2020's quarantine hair trends include bleach blonde hair, which Emily Ratajkowski debuted

In complete honesty, 2020's had its share of downsides. But if anything, this year's pandemic at least ignited an unmatched spark in terms of beauty experiments, one thing that seemed to get many people through the (what seemed like) endless hours spent at home. Everything from yellow nail polish to rainbow eyeshadow appeared on people's social feeds, and naturally, from these beauty DIYs stemmed a decent number of quarantine hair trends, too.

Ciara treated her followers to a long stream of gorgeous hairstyles during lockdown and Elle Fanning not only indulged her fans with some wild makeup looks, but she took the plunge and turned her hair pink. Even the most risk-averse and firm in their signature looks tried things out. Emily Ratajkowski — and her always brunette locks — being one person who strayed and took a chance on blonde. And Chrissy Teigen took the plunge and chopped off her signature messy bun for a chic lob, joining the leagues of other celebrities who have taken this time to debut a major cut.

The list goes on, but you can see a sampling of the celebrities who took control of the shears and painted on their own hair dye throughout the pandemic, ahead.

Quarantine Hair Trend: Pink Hair

There has been no bigger beauty trend this year than pink hair. Quarantine set off a domino effect among celebrities, as everyone from Kaia Gerber to Sarah Michelle Gellar to Dua Lipa dyed their strands some version of this color. While pink was the main hue, pastels and other bright colors in general took off during lockdown, with Hilary Duff opting for a greenish blue tone and Lady Gaga most recently tinting her platinum blonde locks aqua blue.

Quarantine Hair Trend: Bleach Blonde

Ciara was one of several celebrities who decided to take the risk and go blonde in quarantine. Following in her footsteps in an unexpected turn of events was hair-dye newbie Ratajkowski, as well as Gerber, who went blonde a few times in the last several months before settling on pink.

Quarantine Hair Trend: Chopping It Off

Whether it was a buzz cut, layered lob, or something in-between, a handful of stars called it quits with longer hair during quarantine. Ruby Rose, Miley Cyrus, and Chrissy Teigen all have sported a shorter variation of their locks, and rocked it.

Quarantine Hair Trend: Embracing Natural Texture & Color

Gabrielle Union was one celebrity who decided to embrace her natural hair during quarantine, and in the process, revamped her entire haircare line. In terms of hair color, Hailey Bieber allowed her natural tones to return to her strands during lockdown, while actor Tamera Mowry loved on her gray hairs. And some, like Mowry's sister Tia, did both, embracing both her natural curls and gray roots and sharing the look proudly in a beautiful makeup-free selfie back in April.

Quarantine Hair Trend: DIY Bangs

With excess time on their hands at home, Bella Hadid, Rosalía, and Cyrus all tried cutting their own bangs, which worked out beautifully for the model and singers. While it's risky putting the scissors in your own hands — and Cyrus wasn't thrilled with her results — it was an impressive feat by all three of them.

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