The Best Of TZR: Our Favorite 10 Stories From 2018

In the last 12 months, TZR editors profiled the most talented emerging designers, connected with beauty experts across the globe, shared our personal shopping strategies, and even dug deep into the world of injectables. And as we look back on the year to reflect on our best stories from 2018, a few things are clear: Beyond the deep dives and the headlining stories, TZR's relaunch brought a refined point of view and an even stronger drive to empower women to build, experiment, and cultivate their own personal look.

It goes without saying that 2018 has been a doozy on the style front: Not only did it bring us defining moments like Meghan Markle's near-perfect Givenchy wedding gown, Rihanna's unabashedly extra Met Gala look, Hedi Slimane's first-ever show for Celine, and Tracee Ellis Ross' Valentino couture moment at the Emmy Awards, but there were also some under-the-radar moments that are equally important. We found a host of up-and-coming beauty brands like Mented, discovered a newfound collective appreciation for hair barrettes, and, yes, even rationalized a $32,800 price tag on a coffee table, no less.

Here's what it all boils down to: We gladly help you fill your closets, vanities, and homes, but never blindly. Ahead, find our best stories from the year, and raise a glass to an even more stylish 2019.

"Brands Like Céline To Shop If You Miss The Phoebe Philo Era Already" by Sarah Lindig

Olivier Degoulange/Shutterstock

"Sure, you can always shop the archive on resale sites, but Philo’s exit has left many looking for alternative labels that convey a similar understated sophistication and quiet luxury. Though, of course, the original will always hold the top spot for Philophiles, here are nine brands that may help fill the Céline-shaped hole in your hearts."

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"I Struggle With Recurring Adult Acne — & Here’s How I Deal" by Jessica DeFino


"Sometimes, I’ll even meditate on a skincare-related mantra, like 'I am beautiful on the inside and it shines through the outside' — which, I admit, sounds a little esoteric at first... Now, I'm thankful that my moment of desperation led me to a life-changing practice that helps calm my skin and my mind."

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"What Codependent Behavior Looks Like These Days (And How To Change It)" by Angela Melero

Silvia Olsen/Shutterstock

"While codependent relationships may seem complicated, the root (and reasoning behind its evolution) is actually more simple than one would think. 'Put simply, codependency is when your self-worth is dependent on something external to you and dysfunctional, but you stay trapped in that dependency because you don’t think you’re worthy of a better situation,” explains Dr. Neo. 'You feed into a vicious cycle.'"

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"Antique Engagement Rings Are On The Rise, Just Ask Zoe Kravitz' Jewelry Curator" by Ruby Buddemeyer

NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

"'These beautiful jewels have stood the test of time, passed down from generation to generation, collected, admired, given as a symbol of love and adoration. If antique gems could talk, we can only imagine what amazing stories they would tell.'"

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"Why Claudia Li's First-Ever Runway Show For Spring 2019 Proves NYFW Is Here To Stay" by Laura Lajiness


But some still consider fashion month’s first city to be a prime opportunity for emerging talent, like on-the-rise designer, Claudia Li, whose first-ever runway show helps substantiate the circus that is NYFW. Those designer switch-ups, which may spin rumors of a post-Fashion Week industry, have ultimately freed up prime spots on the official NYFW calendar, creating more visibility for younger talents whose slots may have otherwise been skipped over due to a jam-packed schedule — like Li, who now calls New York City home.

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"Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist On Why The Former FLOTUS Wore Her Natural Curls On ESSENCE — EXCLUSIVE" by Khalea Underwood

Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

"'One of the things [Mrs. Obama] continuously talks about is that growing up, there weren’t people on covers that looked like her. There weren't people on magazines that had wide hips or natural hair. It was an important moment for us to showcase... and where she wanted to showcase it.'"

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"The Best Nude Lipstick For Dark Skin Isn’t Even A Lipstick" by Khalea Underwood


"Ask any brown or Black girl, and she'll tell you that all nudes aren't created equal. She'll probably give you a heart-wrenching tale of swatching no less than 10 lipsticks on her forearm — or maybe a series of nail polishes on a single fingernail — only to find that the brown, tan, or beige tone just doesn't work. OK, OK... maybe 'heart-wrenching' is a touch dramatic, but that doesn't make it any less irritating. Thankfully, makeup artist Francelle Daly clued TZR in on the perfect nude lipstick for everyone: concealer."

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"Meghan Markle's Favorite Highlighter Is $5 — And You Probably Already Own It" by Ruby Buddemeyer

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"Conjure up an image of Meghan Markle's favorite highlighter and you'll likely picture a super-luxe formula packaged in a solid-gold jar. But according to her makeup artist, the Duchess of Sussex's go-to highlighter may not be so royal after all. Better yet, there's a good chance you have a tube of it in your bathroom cabinet right this second."

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"How I Learned to Live With My 'Bad Eyebrows'"


"My eyebrows are an optical illusion. Underneath a combination of microblading, hair dye, and brow gel, I have very little in the way of natural strands thanks to a hair pulling habit — trichotillomania — that started in the third grade and continued through my twenties. It began as a tick. I would run my fingers back and forth over my eyebrows and eyelashes, feeling around for a wisp of hair to uproot from the follicle, over and over, until a little pile of strays accumulated."

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"The Fall Capsule Wardrobe: The Only 10 Pieces You'll Wear For The Next 60 Days" by Aemilia Madden

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"Because in fact, for many fashion-obsessed women, the next 90 days may be the best time of the year — a time when they can finally layer trends with abandon and embrace the layered aesthetic that circles back around every time the fall equinox hits."

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