23 Jewelry Gifts That Every Fashion Girl Wants This Holiday Season

Organized by price point, there’s something for everyone.

by Bianca Lambert
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Few things invoke the pure joy of seeing one of your most fashionable friends wear the jewelry you’ve gifted them. To help you capture that feeling this holiday season, below is a curation of beautiful jewelry gifts for them, ranging from indie, budget-friendly pieces to investment staples from mainstay jewelry houses. Organized by price point, there’s something for every budget — and style.

Where to start? As jewelry designer and owner of Twila True Fine Jewelry, Twila True, tells TZR, it’s all about the recipient’s personality and lifestyle. "Our team asks about the recipient's lifestyle, including employment, leisure activities, and style before we show any jewelry," she says. "Think [about it like] a mood board. The perfect jewelry item isn't perfect for everyone. It's all about the right fit."

As you consider those key details, True also recommends thinking about the gaps to fill in their jewelry collections. For investment pieces, think diamond stud earrings, a tennis bracelet, and gemstone rings. "Diamonds match every outfit and are remarkably durable," True explains. As for gemstones, she notes three colored stones that have remained eternally popular: rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

For more budget-friendly selections, lean into pastimes like astrology (zodiac necklace, anyone?), semi-precious stones, beloved shapes like gold hoops, and current trends to appease even the chicest person on your shopping list.

Now, let's get to the good part. Below, see and shop 23 jewelry gifts for her.

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Top Pick: Best Overall

If your bestie checks their horoscope daily and knows their sun, moon, and rising signs (and yours, too), then they’re sure to love this pair of zodiac earrings. Clocking in at under $100, the interchangeable 24-karat gold-plated charm hoop earrings offer dual options for wear with the charms or as solo hoops.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: Zodiac jewelry is so great because it feels personable without the need for extras like engraving, and I love that these hoops can be worn with or without the charms.

Top Pick: Best Budget

At just under $50, these earrings will offer plenty of style opportunities for the recipient. Crafted in 18-karat gold, they’re petite and lightweight, so they won’t overpower any particular outfit. But their bamboo shape and texture still make them a unique — and chic — choice.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The small size and classic shape mean they’ll go with practically anything and that the lucky giftee will likely get plenty of wear out of them.

Top Pick: Best Splurge

How enviable is this diamond-drop ring? With 18-karat yellow gold and a stunning series of pavé diamonds, this piece is totally timeless. And yet simultaneously, the diamond drop pendant gives this ring an undeniably fresh feel.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: This ring offers the perfect blend of classic and (every-so-slightly) quirky styling.

$50 & Under

This simple, casual bracelet features an 18-karat gold-plated capsule. Inside, the recipient can stash one of the tiny, included scrolls after writing down an intention, wish, or goal. Not only a great everyday piece, this bracelet will also serve as a thoughtful reminder of the message inside.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: While perfect for layering with other bracelets, this piece of jewelry comes with a thoughtful activity and a unique bit of personalization.

The perfect compliment to a bold swipe of MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is this pair of mismatched earrings. Whimsical and unexpected, one comes complete with a shiny enamel charm, while the other is dripping with a pair of freshwater pearls. Each is plated in 18-karat gold and works as a set or mixed and matched with other earrings.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: Mismatched and single statement earrings have such cool-girl energy. (Just ask Dua Lipa — she loves the look!)

For the friend or sister who is always there when you call, look to this simple yet sentimental piece. With the interlocking rings representing the two of you (of course), the bracelet is delicate enough to go with an array of outfits and is ideal for layering. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and nickel-free, making it a safe pick for anyone with sensitive skin.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The simplicity of this piece will make it fit for anyone’s jewelry collection.

Ever-so-slightly edgy, this necklace is thoughtfully handmade and another hypoallergenic and nickel-free pick. Available in both 18-karat gold vermeil or silver, it boasts a cool serpent shape and is dotted with colored gems.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: While striking all its own, this slinky necklace can also be paired with longer chains and necklaces for that Hailey Bieber layered look.

$100 & Under

Meet your friend’s favorite new hoops. (Don’t be shy about snagging a pair for yourself, too.) Inspired by snowcapped mountains and crystal clear rivers, these earrings from Oma The Label feature an unexpected resin hoop and 18-karat gold-plated hammered brass.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: Oma The Label’s lucite earrings offer a refreshing spin to the hoop earring fashion girl staple.

For the friend who loves to mix cool downtown and sophisticated uptown aesthetics, look to this eclectic ear cuff. The brass, 16-karat gold-plated piece is layered with Swarovski crystal and faux pearls. And, possibly best of all, it can also be worn as a ring.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The fact that this chic piece can be worn two different ways almost makes it like two gifts in one.

Bright, enamel jewelry has been having a major moment. Blame the ‘90s renaissance or just the desire for some levity — but whatever the culprit may be, lighthearted pieces (like this gold-plated smiley face ring) are here to inject some fun into your jewelry collection.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: How could you not smile looking at this trendy, irreverent piece?

For the friend who is always catching everyone’s eyes, this body-positive pair of earrings will quickly become their newest favorite statement piece. Hailing from Lorne, a South African based jewelry brand, the earrings are crafted from gold-plated brass and are surprisingly lightweight despite their large size.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The playful design is undeniably striking, as is the handmade craftsmanship.

$200 & Under

With a graduated wrap silhouette and alternating ruby red and candy pink Swarovski crystals, these earrings truly shine — without being overly large or heavy. Gleaming gold-plating completes the pair.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The standout silhouette of these earrings plus the pop of color make this pretty pair a winner.

A pair of earrings that mixes two classic jewelry mediums? Yes and yes. These chunky hoops are handmade in New York with electroplated gold. Majorca pearls, surrounded by braids of gold, accent each bauble.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The mix of mediums results in an eclectic style that’s hard not to fall for.

Another enamel-detailed piece? Don’t mind if I do. Handmade by Colombian artisans, this adjustable gold-plated ring features raw emerald and a pop of white enamel. It’s a serious showstopper that will accessorize a pure white or inky black manicure perfectly.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: A bold cocktail ring is great to have on hand (both figuratively and literally) for all the holiday parties on the horizon, and this one packs a ton of personality and on-trend detailing.

If your friend’s jewelry collection is missing an essential herringbone chain, now is the time to remedy that. Pamela Love’s take on the must-have plays with size and texture with gleaming results. Plus, with one matte and one shiny side, it offers plenty of versatility.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: This piece elevates the typical herringbone necklace to make it standout in a sea of similar styles.

$300 & Under

Pearls can complement everything from an everyday black turtleneck to a black-tie gown. For the giftee that adores the classic medium, these handmade chandelier earrings showcase Majorca pearls set in a luxurious, 24-karat gold setting.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: Elaborate and fanciful, these earrings will see the recipient through wedding guest invites and events for years to come.

These baubles are inspired by that Dolly Parton song you know by heart. Crafted from semi-precious malachite stone set in gold vermeil, these statement earrings are just as striking as Jolene’s eyes of emerald green.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The gorgeous, rich coloring of the malachite stone will lend polish and depth to any outfit (particularly an otherwise all-black look).

It may be winter, but there is certainly no wrong time to wear florals. Case in point: This surprisingly sunny chunky chain necklace that bears a unique finishing touch — hand-painted enamel flowers along the gold-plated links.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The feminine floral detailing is a fresh addition to the standard chunky chain.

These dagger earrings feature yellow gold plating over sterling silver. With sculptural handles and a dangling, dainty freshwater pearl, they boast that ‘90s grunge-meets-goth style that you’ve been seeing everywhere as of late.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: They nail that vampy glam-goth trend à la Kourtney Kardashian and Meghan Fox.

$500 & Up

Set in 14-karat rose gold, this set of ruby-adorned curved bar studs is perfect for those who enjoy layering their ear jewels. And not to mention: The red hue of the stones is also ideal for holiday party accessorizing.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The color palette of rose gold and ruby is just so incredibly pretty.

Showcasing a diamond zodiac sign on the front and a diamond princess pattern on that back, you can guarantee that this 18-karat gold paper clip necklace will get a shriek of excitement once unwrapped.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: The diamond detailing and cool paperclip chain elevates this piece of zodiac jewelry.

Soon to become the recipient’s newest signature piece, this chic little bracelet boasts a romantic rubellite tourmaline stone. Set in 18-karat gold, it feels feminine and chic, and each piece is made to order.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: Gemstone and birthstone jewelry has been everywhere over the past few years, and this piece in particular offers plenty of versatility as it can be layered with other bracelets or worn all on its own.

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s sometimes best to focus on basic pieces — but that doesn’t mean that those basics can’t be beautiful. This handcrafted classic diamond necklace offers double the sparkle with double drop diamond pendants and delicately layered 14-karat gold chains.

Why It’s TZR-Approved: This dainty, double-chained necklace lends the look of layered pieces, but completely effortlessly.


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What are good jewelry gifts for moms?

According to True, most moms will appreciate sentimental jewelry pieces that incorporate personalization, like a child’s birthstone or custom engraving. True also notes to prioritize classic pieces for busy moms. “[Something] they can put on and wear daily that elevates her look with ease," she says.

What are good jewelry gifts for friends?

For starters, think about the type of jewelry they wear. Do they only wear gold? Are their ears pierced? Do they only wear necklaces? Thinking about those details will be incredibly helpful on your gifting quest. Some top picks for friends? Check out the Joey Baby Lip Lip Earrings above. They're just under $30 and feel fun and whimsical. Also see the Tess + Tricia Zodiac Hoop Earrings. The star sign element makes it more personable, and they can be with or without the zodiac charm.

How should I wrap jewelry gifts?

Wrapping jewelry gifts can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. We love a box with a piece of thick ribbon delicately tied and accented with a personalized gift tag. However, if you want to take things up a notch, gift the new bauble nestled in a jewelry box. Let your creativity and festive spirit be your guide!