Dua Lipa Wore Her Earrings In An Unforeseen But Cool Way

It’s all about mixing and matching.

Singer Dua Lipa wears full Blumarine Resort 2022 look with Annele cherry blossom ring on her Instagr...

Dua Lipa knows how to tastefully wear and style maximalist jewelry. The seasoned trendsetter always gets emerging trends spot-on, like wearing beaded necklaces with playful baby tees or coordinating colorful rings with her equally as vibrant earrings. In a recent outfit post, Lipa styled her single Prada earring in a completely unexpected way — once again wowing her fans with a killer accessory combo. She wore the logo-adorned Symbole style with a different silver drop earring for a little mix-and-match action. The look tapped into a throwback runway and street style jewelry trend that was everywhere in 2018 and 2019.

On August 3, the singer posted an Instagram photo while on vacation in Albania. In said photo, she wore a belted stretch cotton minidress from The Attico, a pair of metallic slides from the same brand, and futuristic Balenciaga Swift sunnies to match. The centerpiece of her outfit, though, was arguably the single logo-embellished earring from Prada. While the jewelry piece can be worn on its own, the singer chose to pair it with a silver drop earring for a mismatched yet tasteful feel. Lipa finished off her OOTD with some additional accessories, including the emerald green Ophelia ring from Aureum Collective and the Aaliyah necklace from Arms of Eve, which she also wore a few days ago.

The mismatched earring trend first took off in 2019. Fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta and Gucci debuted mismatched ear accessories in their Spring/Summer 2019 runway collections. Other brands soon followed suit with their own iterations for spring 2020. A-listers like Tracee Ellis Ross and Gigi Hadid have both worn unalike earrings before, proving this is a look anyone can pull off. The next time you’re tempted to wear the same earring on both ears, go the opposite route and switch it up. The style hack might have been momentarily forgotten by most people, but it is a good one to keep in your proverbial back pocket.

Valentino Spring/Summer 2020 look.Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment
Gigi Hadid wore mismatched earrings while attending the Heron Preston Spring/Summer 2020 show on June 18, 2019.Pierre Suu/Getty Images Entertainment

For a sneak peek on what baubles you should invest in for fall 2021, check out TZR’s jewelry trend report. Big statement earrings, for one, are slated to be en vogue this upcoming season. The nostalgic, summer camp-inspired pieces, which you probably wore in your teen years, are experiencing a surge in popularity, too. (Many celebrities and fashion gals are already enjoying similar 2000s-inspired accessories this summer.) You can use Lipa’s mismatched earring hack with any of the aforementioned jewelry. It’s an unconventional styling trick that leaves quite the impression. To get started, shop Lipa’s exact Prada earring below, along with additional single earring options.

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