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These Meaningful Jewelry Pieces Will Make Them Smile

Give from the heart.

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Even if you consider yourself an expert gift giver, you can probably agree that finding that one well-thought-out, perfect item is no easy feat. This is especially the case if you’re in a time crunch and want to find a present that’s slightly more original than a candle or a bottle of wine. If this dilemma sounds familiar, have your next present be a meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace with the person’s astrology sign or a ring containing their birthstone, sentimental pieces are a guaranteed way to show that special someone in your life that you really care about them. Plus, it’ll bring up all those warm, fuzzy feelings one only gets when they receive a gift from the heart.

A heartfelt and easy way to incorporate meaning into a necklace, ring, or earrings is to look for brands that offer customization. Loquet, for example, is known for its fillable locket pendants with tiny keepsake charms. Meanwhile, labels like Aurate and David Yurman offer bespoke engraving options. Then, there are clever gifting solutions like Awe Inspired’s jewelry advent calendar, where each month the person can open a new box to retrieve a special item.

Ahead, TZR found several brands that offer beautiful, heartwarming jewelry across a range of prices. The important person in your life will love your bauble selection — don’t worry.

The Diamond Locket Pendant
London-based jewelry brand Loquet offers fillable locket pendants that can be customized with tiny keepsake charms. Get creative and craft a unique love letter for your special friend, partner, or family member.
Playlist Ring in 18k Rose Gold
Creatives will love receiving this unconventional ring from Wempe’s Playlist collection, which essentially mirrors their unexpected and quirky personalities. The minimalist ring can be worn on its own or added to a ring stack.
The Magician Tarot Card Necklace
Your loved one is obsessed with tarot card readings. You’ll have to present them this Magician motif necklace.

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