The 2024 Swimsuit Trends Will Make You Look Vacay-Ready

Sun, sand, and leopard print.

2024 swimsuit trends
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It may feel like, just yesterday, you were flying down a picturesque, powdery mountain on a weekend ski trip. But now, with winter finally behind us, there’s a good chance you’re switching gears and prepping for an upcoming spring getaway. Whether you’re jetting off to the South of France or catching a quick plane ride to Miami, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as picking out a few new suits to bring along for the journey. Torn on which styles should make the cut this year? The 2024’s top swimwear trends, which range from surf-ready to retro-inspired looks, will help you narrow it down.

Speaking of vacations, Vivek Agarwal, founder of OOKIOH, says due to the surge in travel costs, smart packing is more important than ever. “This has led to a growing demand for multi-purpose and versatile designs that can be used in various ways,” he tells TZR. (Because who wants to pay for extra bags?) One example is swimwear that can double as a bodysuit. “Although OOKIOH has always focused on designing for daytime activities, [like going from the] pool to the farmers market and then to the gym, we are now shifting our focus towards creating designs suitable for an evening out as well,” the expert adds.

Moreover, Blakely Wickstrom, the founder and designer of Galamaar, notes how shoppers are currently prioritizing a capsule wardrobe (aka, a collection of pieces that can be mixed and matched), and that includes their swimwear, too. “I design with our customers in mind who are looking for high-quality, enduring pieces that look great and can be reached for again and again,” she explains. Yes, any swimwear collection worth its salt has at least one or two tried-and-true suits.

Georgiana Huddart, co-founder of Hunza G, shares a similar thought. “I think people want classic styles that feel timeless, but are also a bit more fun than the previous year of quiet luxury [looks],” she tells TZR. For instance, perhaps this entails an always-in-style striped one-piece (a print that always does well for Hunza G) or, for others, a playful leopard bikini.

If your swim assortment is in need of a pick-me-up, dive into six of 2024’s most prominent styles before your looming warm-weather excursion.

Surf’s Up

Whether you grew up surfing or have always wanted to take a lesson, swimwear labels’ newest rashguards will likely inspire you to hit the waves this season. According to Agarwal, these sporty styles are a homage to the surfer aesthetic of the late ‘90s and early aughts, popularized by Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez in the hit 2002 film Blue Crush. “It’s less niche compared to the high-cut ‘90s designs we have seen in the past few years,” he adds. With ample coverage and comfort, these tops will seamlessly transition to casual post-beach activities.

Shine On

Dial up the drama this spring with a high-octane suit. Jannine Vince and Isabella Cavallin, the founders of Oséree, a brand specializing in dazzling swimwear, point to luxurious textures as a key detail in 2024. They add, “The incorporation of metallic accents and shimmering materials is elevating swim pieces with a touch of glamour, adding an extra allure to the swimwear category.”

Namesake designer Alexandra Miro is on the same page. “This season we are seeing a demand for shiny textured fabric to create added depth and dimension to swimwear,” she tells TZR. The best part about the trend? You needn’t be near the water to rock these high-shine pieces — they’ll look just as fabulous with your breezy maxi skirts or denim cutoffs.

So Retro

Swimwear designers are harkening back to bygone eras by way of vintage-looking styles. “We're seeing a resurgence of retro styles making waves in the swimwear industry,” says Vince and Cavallin, adding that silhouettes featuring strategic cutouts and textured materials are having their moment in the sun. Designer Adriana Degreas, too, believes vintage references are always coming back into style, and this season, you’ll see them in the brand’s floral-adorned high-waisted strapless bikini. (It feels like something a socialite on Apple TV+’s new series Palm Royale would wear, no?)

Bare It All

Sun’s out, buns out. When it comes to 2024 swimwear, Frankies Bikinis’ founder Francesca Aiello says the mantra for the season is less is more. “Think tiny silhouettes and thong bottoms, all while leaning into femininity as inspiration,” she specifies. This booty-baring trend, loved by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Kate Hudson, and Emily Ratajkowski, is not for the faint of heart — but if you’re down to step outside of your style comfort zone, it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

Flirty & Feminine

The industry’s coquette trend has officially infiltrated the resortwear category. In particular, Agarwal says to anticipate a slew of swimwear festooned with bows and ruffles. In line with the flirty look, brands, including Frankies Bikinis, Andrea Iyamah, and Galamaar, are also doubling down on Barbie-esque pink pieces and girly gathered fabrics. “I'm a huge fan of all the ruched details we are seeing, which have been a big part of our collection for years,” Wickstrom notes. “They add a feminine yet simple touch and, when placed in the right areas, can provide some soft camouflage and elegant yet functional adjustability.”

Go Wild

Though timeless, leopard print ebbs and flows in popularity. For 2024, however, one can’t deny the perennially pattern is back with a vengeance. And now, Agarwal says it’s making its way into the swimwear scene, too. “As Jenna Lyons famously said, ‘leopard is neutral,’” he adds. Give the classic motif a try with a high-waisted bikini (like GANNI’s style) or a one-piece look (such as Vilebrequin’s iteration).