It’s Not Your Imagination — Bows Are Everywhere Right Now

These tricks aren’t just for kids.

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While a more streamlined and sophisticated “quiet luxury” look has certainly served its purpose this past year, at times it can feel a bit stiff and serious, no? We may indeed have reached a point where more people are looking to let their hair down so to speak, and take a more playful approach to fashion. This is evident in the explosive bow trend we’ve been seeing across the industry. Indeed, designers near and far are embracing the dainty childhood shape and splashing it across everything from gowns and denim to jewelry and footwear.

“Bows have elegantly infiltrated every facet of fashion this year, adding a playful touch to even the simplest of looks,” says Kailee Marks, the creative manager of OAK + FORT. “Bows are an approachable and easy way to elevate and add a sense of cute and cool to your style.”

The Fall/Winter 2023 collections were especially laden with bows as designers like Loewe, Simone Rocha, Balenciaga, and Valentino featured the detail in some form in their collections. Loewe creative director J.W Anderson, in typical fashion, went the surrealist route, creating exaggerated, floppy bows that spilled over the top of crushed velvet flats and kitten heels (a more casual departure from the blown up metallic versions propped on silver stiletto heels in Spring 2022). Rocha embraced the look in ribbon form, detailing the sheer gowns and gilded jackets in her presentation with the dainty touch, creating a soft and subtly innocent effect.

Loewe Fall/Winter 2023Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images
Simone Rocha Fall/Winter 2023 Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

For its autumn offerings, the design team at It girl-loved brand Tanner Fletcher says they went all in on ornamental bow accents. “Because Tanner Fletcher takes inspiration from interior decor, we like to think of ruffles, ribbons, and bows as a way to decorate yourself,” says Fletcher Kasell, the label’s co-founder and co-creative director, who notes the flourish is a timeless touch. “Although their popularity is at an all time high right now, I don't think bows will be going anywhere at any time soon.”

Ready to channel your own bow-loving ballerina in 2024? Shop our top picks below to get in on the trend that’s taking over — and will likely continue its reign in the coming year.

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