Kendall Jenner’s Latest French Manicure Will Make You Do A Double Take

Retro yet modern.


French manicures straddle the line between classic and trendy. The simplicity of the style lends itself to endless renditions and there have certainly been countless takes on it — the softer, more natural-looking American manicure, the bright and bold rainbow French manicure, and more recently, the minimalist micro French manicure (which is actually the original iteration of the manicure). And now the double French manicure — recently seen on Kendall Jenner — is serving as the latest iteration.

This week, the model shared an Instagram story showing her freshly done nails oh-so-casually resting on the steering wheel of her Mercedes. In the post, she tagged Modern Pamper Salon, a North Hollywood-based shop frequented by the Kardashian sisters as well as other A-listers like Charlie D’Amelio. The salon also shared the look on their own page, calling it a “double modern French.” In addition to the classic white tip of a French manicure, Jenner’s tapered square-shaped nails feature white polish in a crescent shape along her cuticles. This geometric eye-catching twist instantly elevates the look, giving it a ‘60s mod vibe that feels trendy yet retro at the same time.


This is hardly the first time Kendall Jenner has opted for a French manicure; in fact, it’s been a go-to look for her recently. In spring 2021, the model embraced the colorful season with a squiggly pastel French manicure When Halloween rolled around, Jenner went for a blood-red French mani in her signature square shape, and to no one’s surprise, she closed out 2021 with yet another spin on the trend in the form of a tortoiseshell French manicure — which perfectly complemented her glamorous Carolina Herrera gown at the annual Kardashian-Jenner holiday bash.

Jenner isn’t the only one in her family under the chokehold of French manicures. Back in 2020, the model and her sister Kylie Jenner put a refreshing twist on the style with their matching blue French manicures, and this past fall, Kourtney Kardashian recently put an edgy spin on the look, with black tips and an outlined half-moon at the base of the nail.

With celebrities like Kendall Jenner at the helm (and with so many ways to interpret the look), it’s difficult to envision an end to the recent French manicure boom. It’s sure to happen eventually, but until then, bring on the nail inspiration.