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11 Valentine’s Day Manicures That Are Pure Love At First Sight

‘Tis the season.

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Valentine's Day nail ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As one of the busiest holidays of the year, you’re probably already bookmarking restaurants and outfits. But amid the hustle and bustle, you don’t want to forget your beauty looks. Whether you’re preparing a romantic evening, a fun night with your best girlfriends, or a solo date, it’s nice to look down at a fresh, festive manicure. Luckily, there are tons of Valentine’s Day nail ideas to inspire you.

Blushing pinks, roses, and candy-apple reds are popular choices that never fail. However, this year, why not up the ante with some creative nail art? For example, dainty hand-painted hearts against a bare or boldly painted nail instantly feel on theme. Rhinestones and nail charms are another element that can elevate your look. After all, who doesn’t love a little sparkle on Valentine’s Day? There’s even room to play with metallics finishes and air-brushed ombré designs. Regardless of where the night goes, you can rest assured that your manicure will be on point.

Ready to get the ball rolling? Then check out the curated selection of Valentine’s Day nails below. Find your favorite, then bookmark them for your next appointment or DIY session.

Tiny Hearts

Hearts are a staple for Valentine’s Day. But if your style skews more minimal, then an over-the-top design is probably not your cup of tea. Enter this cutesy manicure. The almond shape and sheer color have a natural feel, while the tiny red hearts add just a dash of festive flair.

Passion Pink

Want to amp up a solid manicure? Consider this ombré set the look for you. The classic technique creates a seamless gradient of color that’s nothing less than alluring. For a festive approach, try using a creamy white and hot pink polish.

White Hearts & Rhinestones

Pink may not be your color, and that’s ok. You can still embrace the holiday with this festive manicure. It features floaty white hearts, tiny rhinestones, and even incorporates a classic French manicure. But perhaps the most enticing part of this design is its effortless feel.

Classic Red

The power of red knows no limitations, and this short manicure proves that tenfold. On perfectly groomed nails, the glossy scarlet polish exudes luxury. Even better? The bold pop of color will instantly spice up the rest of your look.

Queen Of Hearts

The subtleties of this manicure speak volumes. First, there’s the classic design in a tuxedo color palette. Then, there are the small hearts that outline the curve of the nail’s tip. The final look is an elegant set that works well beyond February 14th.


Despite the intricate look of this design, it’s actually easy to DIY. As the artist shows, all that’s needed is a bright red polish, a paintbrush, and a steady hand. Once you’ve clipped and prepped your nails, use the brush to create a tic-tac-toe pattern. Then, simply fill in the spaces as desired and seal with a thin layer of topcoat.

Pink Gradient

Need a fun mani for your Galantine’s affair? Why not consider this candy-coated look? The medley of glossy pinks is perfect for a girls’ night out. But the real cherry on top is the color-coordinating hearts stamped in the middle of each nail.

Barely There

POV: You’re the ultimate manicure minimalist but you love nail art. If that sounds like you, this is your perfect holiday look. The square shape and completely bare nails are the pinnacle of quiet luxury. But the single heart detail in the corner of the thumb gives it a festive feel that’s soft and sophisticated.

French Manicure

Even a classic French can get dressed up for the holiday. This set features cherry red tips adorned with multi-color hearts. If you want to nail this look, opt for a longer length and a coffin shape. When paired with a deep French design, it has a sultry effect.

Glitter Dipped Tips

A glass of bubbly seems fitting for the evening — even if you’re staying in. This twinkling look feels like the manicure equivalent of a glass of champs. The natural shape and nude nail get a touch of sparkle with a light dusting of glitter. To top it off, try adding a fun sticker in silver to amp up the glamour.


Holiday manicures aren’t just about designs. This look uses a gradient of glossy colors in place of nail art. While you could use a mix of pinks, blending in shades of fuchsia and red feels festive. Keeping the nails short and opting for a gel polish will ensure you get a candy-coated look.

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