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This Classic Nail Color Is Anything But Boring – Here’s 10 Ways To Wear It

Perfect for every manicure aesthetic.

pink nail ideas

Pink may be synonymous with Barbie right now, but the hue has some serious beauty chops. From blushes to eyeshadow and concealer, the color has cornered just about every inch of the industry. As a makeup enthusiast, it’s hard not to love the rosy shade. So, it’s easy to see why the internet is currently flooded with pink nail ideas. Beyond its pop culture appeal and cult-following (remember millennial pink?), it’s ideal for manicures. Like many recent nail trends, the hue offers a versatility that’s hard to ignore.

The vast spectrum runs the gamut from bold and vibrant to soft and subtle. But it’s not just for solid manicures, though they are alluring. Pink is powerful enough to turn any design into a work of art. Take the 3D bows that were popular during the summer or the disco ball trend that got a fun remix with shiny neon shades. It even works well with French manicures. Only this time, the flushed color is taking center stage. From tonal looks to captivating invisible styles, the classic design feels transformed in pink.

If you’re still on the fence, there’s plenty of inspiration on Instagram. Below, TZR gathered some of the best looks to pique your interest.


Though Hailey Bieber has set more than a few trends, her glazed donut nails are one of the most beloved looks. This set blends the finish with several pink polishes. The result might just be the next big thing since Bieber’s glazed chocolate tips.


If you find yourself longing for rosé season, this is the manicure for you. Not only does it have a fun and celebratory vibe, but it also blends some of the industry’s top trends. Take the chrome finish, for example, that gives the rosy hue an icy feel. Or the glittery polish that mimics the fizzy bubbles of a sparkling pink wine. Even in the dead of winter, this set is the perfect pick-me-up.

Mix & Match

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose a new nail polish color. Instead of making a hasty decision you may regret, why not opt for a mixed manicure? This multicolor set uses several bright shades of pink and is anything but subtle. The short length and natural shape give it a sophisticated feel, while the glossy finish enhances the gradient look.

Bows & Pearls

3D nail art is always a commanding look. Recently, bows have been the trinket of choice for designs. This manicure artfully mixes the trend with tiny pearls for a fun and feminine feel. While any color will work, a frothy pink shade amps up the girly vibes.

Monochromatic French Manicure

French manicures typically use pink for the base of the design. However, in this set, a bubblegum shade creates a crisp tip. The color change-up is just one element that makes this look unique. The square nail shape and contrasting hot pink strip also give it an optical illusion effect.

Holographic Hot Pink

Solid manicures are taking over Instagram, but this hot pink set kicks it up a notch with a cool holographic finish. Aside from its mesmerizing look, it is also easy to recreate at home. First, paint your nails with a vibrant and opaque polish. Then, apply a blue-tinted topcoat to give it that iridescent shine.

Bold Stripes

Simple doesn’t always mean boring. Linear details and contrasting pink colors make this manicure feel like a contemporary painting. Sure, it’s understated, but that adds to the bold design. Just try to stop staring at it. Beyond its artsy appeal, it’s also easy to DIY.

Pink Ombré

Another reason to love pink? It’s the perfect shade for creating the ombré effect. The neutral undertones of the hue blend effortlessly with nude polishes to deliver a natural look. But if you want to spice things up, try mixing in hot pink just at the tips.

Baby Pink French Tips

The quiet luxury trend isn’t just for solid sets. It easily extends to a plethora of nail designs, including the French manicure. This version uses a soft shade of pink to create a subtle tonal effect. The finished look is every bit as sophisticated as the aesthetic itself.

Disco Pink

Forget subtle: This disco pink set is the life of the party. The shimmery effect is created with foil strips that are carefully layered on the nail. It’s not the quickest manicure, but it is a guaranteed show-stopper. Plus, it doubles as a work of art — a complete win.